Your local brewery and beer suggestion (give MaryJo some help, though doubtful she needs any)

Anyone have good local breweries or beer suggestions to share since a small part of the show is dedicated to beer picks?

Since I Live in Aberdeen Scotland I have two good breweries :slight_smile:
Brewdog and Fierce Beer
Fierce beer which makes one of my favourite beer (and am not a beer drinker)


We have two good micro breweries in the Denver are, one is The Brew on Broadway or BOB the other one is The Copper Kettle.

I’m just north of NYC so it’s possible Mary Jo has had it, but District 96. Haven’t tried it, but their Political Juice sounds good.

Künstler Brewing is my favorite in San Antonio. The brewery has a great taproom with a full kitchen, along with some great snack options. Definitely give them a try if you’re in the area.

I’d like to recommend Workhorse Brewery, big fan of their Oatmeal Stout -


Hi! I have not gotten to try this stuff. Will keep an eye out! Thanks!

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One of several in town…

Can we get more ciders or have you tried any gluten free beers to recommend?

Also living in Grand Rapids, MI there are micro brews around almost every corner.

Too bad Founders Brewing sold out

Just tried out Guardian Brewing company cinnamon logist this past weekend. Was wonderful. They are based of out of Saugatuck, Michigan. @MaryJo cgi check them out!


Well, someone looks happy :flushed:


Definitely can seek out more ciders. I need to try some of the new GF beers. The old ones were not the best, but I bet things are evolving. Thanks for the suggestion!


You are welcome for the GF Beer recommendations. I’ve noticed a difference between the “Gluten Free” and the “Brewed to remove the gluten.” Ones that have the GLuten Removed have foam (head) and the Gluten Free don’t. Would be interested to your thoughts on GF beers.

Also I’ve been impressed with a lot of Ciders these days. My current Cider producer is Vander Mill Cider ( a local West Michigan Cidery.

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I’m amazed at how many breweries have sprung up all over Michigan. The legislatiure must have gotten together and said “Let’s make it easy to sell beer” or something cause they are all over.
And not just meh or somewhat good beers but really really good beers.

Also I think I read some place that Hops Farms are growing and replacing some of the current crops being grown


The group I went with was super impressed with the number of breweries. We actually all knew each other from a sumer camp in Indiana for burn survivors. One of the founders of Guardian, Kim was a camp counselor there when I was growing up and now that she has embarked on this venture we thought it would be an awesome way to give back plus we got to go try new beers! Win! WIN! but for anyone that makes it to Saugatuk I would 110% recommend checking out Guardian Brewing plus if you tell her I sent you she may even give you the grand tour!

I live in the heart of Chicago’s Micro-Brewery scene (aka “Malt Row”). Within walking distance there’s

  • Begyle Brewing
  • Dovetail Brewery
  • Half Acre Beer Company
  • Spiteful Brewing

If there’s one beer I’d suggest, it’s Imperial Pajamas from Begyle. It’s a heavy beer, but lots of flavor and makes for a lovely dessert in the cold, winter months of Chicago.

And we also have for @ant_pruitt (et al) KOVAL Distillery, some of the best whiskies I’ve tried.

(I originally had links to the beer companies, but it’s saying only two links per post so, oh well).

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hmmmmm, whisky. . . .thanks for sharing :smiley:

You all need to come down under and visit some of our wonderful microbreweries here. Some awesome beers being made, some of which have proved so popular that the big corporates have brought them out!

Two of my fave’s are both brewed right by the sea…
Bondi Beer
Land and Sea

I’m a big fan of Abita Brewing Company out of Abita Springs, LA. Their flagship Amber is one of my favorites, and I really like their Andygator/Strawgator beers as well (the higher ABV helps…). They also do a lot of seasonals and special editions that are really good.

Not sure if they made their way up to NYC but check out funk brewing from Emmaus Pa. They do can and keg their ipas. Good stuff happy to be in walking distance of the brewery