Hi Everyone from Philadelphia Metro!

Just wanted to say hello and say I’ve been a TWiT fan since the early days of the cottage.

I love how TWiG and TWiT are like the Sunday NYTimes. It takes me the whole week to watch both of them through!

Hi Leo!


Aloha! I am not from Philly, but have been there many times to catch Flyers events and games. Cool city.

Lived in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties from 1998-2002. Loved it up there. What I wouldn’t give for a proper cheese steak, pretzel, or just a Wawa nearby!

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Philly is really great :slight_smile:

And yea - I like WaWa too :slight_smile:

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Kinda funny. I’m sick of Wawa. LOL

Hello from Mt Airy, from whence do you hail?

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I’m up in Doylestown. Going to Bar Camp Saturday?

Hello from Aurora Colorado!!!

Naw I’m a network jockey. I haven’t written any code since the 70’s

I’m in Wayne. Longtime twit fan girl.

Live across from Philly on the Jersey side where the Delaware River and the Rancocas Creek meet.

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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome and join the fun… glad you are here. Insanely jealous you get the good cheese-steak hoagies :grin: My friend and I drive up once a month to stop at a local hoagie shop. She lives in Maryland and I live outside of Lancaster.

Another Philly fan… from a little castle in the Northeast.