Hello from up North!

Hello everyone!

I’m finding my way here after @Leo mentioned the forums several times throughout the last few days.

I’m really glad to be here as a representative of the :canada: Great White North.

I’ll probably be poking about for a little bit as I get my head around Discourse. So far, though, I’m really liking it. :slight_smile: :+1:

Have a great one, folks!

Edit: It imported my Gravatar. That’s handy.


Welcome aboard!!!

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I’m from the UK but spent a while studying in Canada, in Vancouver (so opposite side to you it seems). Beautiful country, friendly people, tasty food.

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Hello from Colorado!!!


Hello from down south! Australia! :upside_down_face:


Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome! It really does feel like I’ve come home.


Thanks for joining us :fist_right:t4::tumbler_glass:

Most of Northern Maine is basically Canada when it’s not the deep South
… Ever watch letterkenny?

Hmmm, can’t say that I have? I’ve heard passing mentions of it, but never seen it before. What’s it about? Worth watching?

Hilarious show about a small rural Canadian town. Hulu!

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Hulu doesn’t seem to be available here yet. I’ll check out Canadian options, they may have it.

Thanks for the tip @Ibsen!

Me, too! Northern Colorado!
Hi and welcome!

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