G'day from downunder

Hoff here, long time listener and viewer.
Caught the bug listening to the Tech Guy on KFI one Saturday morning in LA.

I split my time between Sydney and Noosa Heads here in Australia. :australia:

Was at Harts Pub when Leo visited down here a few years ago, and have tried to get up to Petaluma when I am in the US on business, but my schedule has denied me a few times now.

I have been working in the IT industry since 1981 and work with Chrome OS and android devices on a daily basis.


Hello from Colorado in the US!

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Hello, am from :australia: too, but am in Adelaide. I didn’t queue up to become an extra in Mortal Kombat before yo ask :grinning:.


Hi from Brisbane, Australia! I happened to be taking a holiday from work at the time and I was able to find cheap flights down to Harts Pub. It was a great night! I was the bloody bastard who taught Leo; Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

I also visited the Studio in 2017 while I was touring the USA. They had coffee like I have never tasted before or since. It was amazing. No clue what it was, all I can say is it was not espresso.


thanks for hopping into the community :slight_smile:

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Welcome from a Pom.

I now live in Germany (dual citizenship). I’ve never managed to get down to Oz, but would like to make a tour.

Outside of TWiT, one of my favourite netcasts is John Cadogan’s AutoExpert TV channel on YouTube, a very irreverant and direct look at the automobile industry. Not for the easily offended, especially if you are from Australia or the USA… He actually pushes for people to make loony comments, so he has material for his nuts and cock of the week.

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Brisbane here! Long time listener since the Brick House. I like to watch too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello from Colorado in the US!!!

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Howdy form Texas!!!

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