MBW 692: The Digital Sputnik Voyager

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Always great content however I find it annoying and rude when guest hosts are interrupted. Was especially noticeable each time Alex Lindsay spoke. Re-watch the episode and please take note.

Latency in the Skype connection often causes remote guests to suffer a delay in audio and video compared to the studio hosts. Spontaneous discussion gets difficult with that, but I didn’t think this episode was particularly bad on that front.


Okay Laporte. You touched a nerve here. You 'dissed my beloved state: “Probably some cheap Wisconsin cheese.” This coming from a guy who lives in the state that invented industrial dairy production. This for you @leo:


And for your information:


Ha ha. If it’s orange it’s cheap. But there’s lots of great Wisconsin cheese that isn’t. I love all cheeses. Just don’t dye them bright orange!


Ya fer sure dere hey. Don’t even get me started on that Velveeta crap. :nauseated_face:


HomePod with a screen is an iPad. I have a Google Home Hub but there is no Ring integration! I have an older iPad Mini as a control station in my living room for all the HomeKit stuff so anyone visiting can turn stuff on or off.


The color comes from the flavorless Annatto seed, which gives Wisconsin cheddar that pumpkin orange hue.

Hey @P_J, nice to find another ‘Sconnie here. So do you live over by the Fleet Farm or the Farm & Fleet?

Same to you cheese head.

We have both. The Farm & Fleet is down the road about 6 miles. But just across the River we have a Fleet Farm about 30 miles away.

Are you from the water fountain or bubbler side of the state?

P.S. Never heard of a ‘Sconnie though. Don’t think I like that.

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Bubbler for sure. A water fountain is something you throw loose change into.

There’s a new Fleet Farm near Oconomowoc, but the Farm & Fleet near Goerke’s Corner is closer.

Saw your apologies on Twitter and TWiG re: Wisconsin cheese. All is forgiven. :heart:


Yep…I grew up on that side of the state. Family moved to “God’s Country” (now it’s called the Driftless Region) when I was about 12. People looked at me real funny when I said “bubbler.”
Just curious, do you know what Uffdah means?

I like cheese. Even if it’s orange.