Windows 10 Email applications

I’m curious about what other use to access their email. I primary monitor two email accounts, my domain email with numerous aliases, and my personal gmail account. What do you use, I’ve tried the built in Windows 10 Mail application but found it slow and mostly unusable. I’ve used Gmail in Chrome but lately seems to take forever to load as well. I’ve used Outlook 2016 and also Outlook as part of Office365. Just curious what everyone else uses and if there’s another application I should give a try. Looking forward to the feedback I receive.

Not sure what a lot of the people here who host their own emails do but for me I use Outlook.

It’s just so powerful and well thought out I can’t really even use browser based email apps anymore. I’m super used to Outlook now I’d hate to switch.

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I actually use GSuite to host my email but have used with Outlook which so far has been my prefered method of accessing my email. Just trying to see what’s out there.

I use Chrome - and I just usually access the email thru the browser. And, hotmail thru the browser… Or, I use my phone… (Samsung’s email program)

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I use Outlook on my phone as well :laughing::laughing:

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Gmail in Chrome for the most part but Thunderbird, formerly a Mozilla project, for selective archiving.

I gave up on Outlook long ago because of its binary blob format for the data that is a pain to repair when it gets corrupted.
Thunderbird uses an open Mbox format which is even readable in a text editor. Being plain text also makes it more practical to recover data from the file if it gets corrupted due to a disk drive error.


Over the last couple of years I seem to have switched over to managing most email on my phone. The only exceptions have been installing Outlook on a work laptop to keep a customer’s emails completely separate from other communications, and handling longer-form Gmail in Firefox. Although recently I’ve been making more use of a large Samsung tablet in a keyboard case for longer email replies rather than firing up a PC.

I found the Windows 10 Mail app a bit too dumbed-down for my liking and difficult to set up for any providers with non-standard setups. Thunderbird I have used for secondary accounts that I occasionally need to check, but I can’t say that I like the UI that much. If it wasn’t for the typos caused by my very dry finger tips and lack of skill, I’d probably do even more of my email on my phone.

I’m with @PaulHutch on Thunderbird. It is like Firefox in that I can use great add-ons and search easily.

Other than that, I use rainloop through Nextcloud when I’m not at one of my personal computers.

I tend to do most of my email on my iPad and find the iPadOS client ok, although I did use Outlook for a while. On PCs I use Outlook 2010 at work and at home.

I was a Thunderbird user, but it got to the point where there were things about it I didn’t care for. Since all the accounts I monitor are Gmail/Gsuite, I’ve switched to Kiwi. Its basically a wrapper for the web gmail, but provides better functionality. I got it while it was offered for free.

I hate edge and the outlook - it bogs down my computer. I can tell because if I’m watching vids or listening to music it starts to pause when I boot up edge.

I mostly use Chrome. Yahoo and gmail plus my old

You should check out the Dev edition on Edge. It’s pretty slick. Admittedly I’ve been having issues with it later but certainly not due to performance or bogging down my machine. Firefox is usually my go to anyway.

However I love Outlook. I love flags and rules and how it automatically updates my ToDo list. Reminders and the calendar are great. I haven’t seen it effect the performance of my machine though.


We use outlook for our shared email at work, we use something from a company called MDaemon for our email at work. Super locked down, internal use only, but it accessible via we browser. With my Gsuite, I prefer outlook, but still manage my rules in filter in Gmail so that they happen automatically before hitting any of my devices. Rarely something will come in from a company that gets past a rule I have set up and I’ll just file it, but again only happens once maybe every other month. I tried to use Thunderbird recently since it is free, but found it to be to difficult to get use to. Idk, guess that’s just me. But I do appreciate the feedback from everyone.

Outlook 365 - I’ve used Outlook since Office 2000.

I have also used “The Bat!”, which is excellent if you need to support dozens of email accounts, and Thunderbird.

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I use GASP!!!

Desktop Outlook for business emails (two Office 365 accounts) on my work computer.
Web version of Outlook for personal email account ( on computers.
Outlook on iPhone for business emails.
Apple Mail for @outlook and @google (personal emails.)
I use two email clients on the phone because I want different notification settings for business emails vs personal emails.

FastMail hosts mail for all of my domains.

I’ve been happy with their iOS apps on my mobile devices and the web client on my desktop.

I love how they force me to use app passwords, offer aliases, and great rules.

Their support is unparalleled in terms of speed, helpfulness, and compassion.

I use the Outlook application in Microsoft Office when I’m at a PC. Otherwise - I either use the Outlook app on my phone or / office365 outlook (as I have both an email and a personal domain email address with O365)

Honestly, while the Outlook application probably has way more than I need - I really do find value in a single app that has email, contacts, and calendar management. Additionally, Microsoft removed the ability to send emails from my gmail account from Office 365 via the web interface - so Outlook application is the only way for me to send emails from my Gmail account without logging into Gmail web.

Haha, I use 3 email clients on my iPhone. Mail for icloud email,

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Yup, same goes for me. Outlook is terrific for organizations, & businesses but a bit heavy for individual use. Thunderbird is a great lightweight client that is still customizable.