WW 694: COVID Washing

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What is it exactly that people hate about Outlook? I’ve used it in both Exchange and non-Exchange work and home environments. It’s far from a perfect product, but I could say that about any other Microsoft product or other email client. What is it specifically about Outlook that garners such rage? Even on this episode, Leo and Paul both railed against it for several minutes without ever noting a single specific thing that was bad (unless you count the PST 2 Gb limit that hasn’t existed for years). I’m no Outlook apologist, but I can’t find anything to get fired up about either direction.


Oops, Paul did add one after I resumed the podcast. But there is a shortcut for new mail that’s not really THAT much harder than in Gmail.

I think many people just find it overwhelming and needlessly (for them) complex; and many people use it as a work requirement, which doesn’t exactly leave a positive association. I’m by no means an email power user but I used Lotus Notes at work, then it was Outlook, and now it is Gmail. They’re all kind of terrible in their own ways; maybe the big problem is that work email itself is kind of terrible, regardless of platform-- and Outlook is just the most popular work email client.

I do not miss dealing with .PST files. I was actually pulled into a deposition years ago based on some helpdesk ticket I worked involving a wrongful termination suit due to some personal emails ending up in a PST file.

I can’t wait for the end of email. The SMTP protocol doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

I’ve used Outlook for several years at work. Dealing with PST files is the biggest pain with the full Windows client. I’ve had corrupted PST files, that could not be recovered and some that could be fixed by creating a new profile. When the files got large (or perhaps had a bit of corruption), Outlook would take forever to startup, or even crash.

I started exporting all of my older mail using MailStore Home, mainly just to have a searchable backup archive. That app works pretty well, and the search capabilities are pretty good.

For about the last six months I’ve switched completely to the O365 web version and outside of a few missing features, it has been working rather well. Luckily my work now hands out a sizeable chunk of storage for email, so I haven’t even been exporting my email for archival and so far it has been working well. I’m making a conscience effort to move important pieces of info out of email and into my OneNote notebooks, so I don’t have to search email that often any more.

I really only use the basic features of outlook both at work and at home, but honestly its what I’ve used for much of my adult life so it’s familiar to me. I’ve tried multiple clients but outlook just seems to work best for me. I do have to agree at times though it drives me nutes when it begins crashing all the time.

We don’t generally use PSTs any more. But what we do use is multiple accounts linked to the main account - for example, all employee get their own account, plus access to several “deparment” accounts, E.g. purchasing@example.com, sales@example.com etc. and these accounts are used for 95% of externally sent and received email.

Each user has “full access” and “send as” access to the relevant accounts, which Outlook (desktop) takes care of automatically, you set up the users account and all subordinate accounts are automatically loaded as well, without having to actually set them up.