Using on Linux

I am seriously thinking of moving back to using Linux as my main desktop. The one thing I really need is access to my data.

That is:

  • Email (no problem with IMAP)
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • OneDrive documents
    I’ve heard that OneDrive is available. But what I really want/need is an equivalent to Outlook that can combine all my Outlook data - email, contacts and calendars, preferably in one application. Evolution or Kontakt would seem the ideal candidates, but neither seems to be able to get anything other than email from

I tried Gnome cloud accounts, but, while it supports Microsoft accounts, it only does email and files.

Is there a way around it, or is the only option webmail?

I’m presuming you couldn’t live in a world where you ran Windows in a VM just to host Outlook?

The point would be to get away from Windows. I already have a few Linux servers kicking around, but I’ve not found a solution to using a Microsoft account under Linux. Ideally, I’d eventually move away from the Microsoft account to something self-hosted, but I’d need access to the contacts and calendar until I’d sorted out an alternative.

Well duh, I understood your desire, but as you clearly stated you can’t make it yet, so I was proposing a work-around that could work in the near term. The only other suggestion I have for you is to see if the email system operated by the company that makes Proxmox would be workable:

I’m a fan of WebMail myself. Works great on my Linux Desktop, or anywhere else I may be.

Found this mail client that says it will do calendars also,
Found a how-to for OneDrive on Linux: but it uses non-free software. The comments have some recommendations for other programs to connect to OneDrive.