Best mail client?

I have used Outlook for Mobile until now. But I have set up a new domain and I can’t add my account to Outlook - there is a years’ old bug that won’t let you add an IMAP account unless it has a weak password (i.e. no special characters). I’m not going to weaken the security on my IMAP account just for Microsoft’s poor programming.

What is a good alternative email app (no, I won’t use GMail!)?

I just setup my own domain/email again and gone back to an old favourite app of mine - Nine email.

Pricey but has a free trial with full functionality. Secure as the app connects directly to your email provider, which sounds silly but many apps now save your account details to a seperate server to manage the syncing connection.


Thanks. Giving it a test…

I too use Nine. I used to be a Touchdown user until Symantec “Symantec’d” it.

Been very happy.

I tried loads of email clients with using my own domain name and most of them didn’t work with this set up.

Blue mail was the client I eventually settled with which worked well, then a couple of years ago I switched to Gmail and now route my email there now and haven’t looked back. I don’t think it’s a great email client but I don’t send many emails from my phone and is working well enough for me.

I use Spark. I have Exchange, Gmail, Outlook and iCloud set up in it and it works great.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at that too.

Nine was brilliant, whereas Outlook just said the server was timing out (less than 1 second of trying), Nine just connected and set up the account automatically. Very impressive.

I also like that Nine includes everything, like Outlook - contacts, appointments, todos etc.

Yes, I used to use Nine on Android years ago before Microsoft bought Accompli and reworked it to become Outlook Mobile. Worked very well with an Exchange server, but I never tried it with any other type of accounts.

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Just setting it up, Nine is more comfortable than Spark. Nine pulled in all the necessary server information automatically, Spark tried, but failed. I had to enter everything manually.

But it looks okay, once it is set-up.

I’ll run both side-by-side for a few days and see, which I prefer.

I didn’t have problems with Spark. My domain is connected to a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account though so it is an Exchange account - just used the Microsoft OAuth sign in. Same with and Gmail’s one. I had to create an application password for iCloud email though, not that I ever use that.

Mozilla Thunderbird works great.


On Android? I’ve not heard it had been ported.


Oh not sure. I’m on desktop.

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I have my own domain with email hosting. I use POP3 to allow me to archive email on my Windows machine, while reading it anywhere. Spam is a problem. Outlook and Thunderbird clients do an acceptable job of filtering spam, however I have had no luck finding an Android client that filters spam. Any clients that filter spam on Android, using POP3?

I rely on my provider to do SPAM filtering. My domains are hosted by Google Workspace (formerly GSuite).

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My mail providers provide spam protection, generally. There are also many third party services that will do it for you. Much better than relying on a single end-device to do it for you. Also, it doesn’t affect your bandwidth, the spam is removed, before it gets to your mailbox.

I used my mail hosting provider’s spam filtering, but turned it off after missing quite a few important emails due to them getting blocked. The alternative was for me to log on to their web mail every few hours and check the spam folder. Not something I cared to do.

So now, all the mail comes to my clients and I need filter capability there. Thunderbird does a good job on Linux, as does Outlook on Windows. If I can find a good filtering client on Android, I’d be happy. I currently use the gmail client, but it does not seem to offer spam filtering in pop3 mode.