What is your Internet Speed?

100/10 Using Spectrum in rural, Central Ohio where the Amish communities begin to live in the state. I pay $70/month (blah). I usually get the stated speeds, but there are occasional drops in the late evening, usually for 30 to 90 seconds. The only competitor is DSL at 10 Mbps.

From a cellular perspective, things are pretty awful. Only Verizon provides somewhat reliable service, but in the rural areas it’s usually only 2 to 3 bar LTE or nothing (some isolated spots with 3G or 1xRTT). We are a long way from ever seeing 5G style services. You have to download audio content when traveling.


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Watching MBKHD’s latest video on low band 5G, it seems similar to what I currently get on LTE.

5G here in Australia is being rolled out in the mid band first, but is very spotty right now.

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You guys are so freaking lucky. I can’t wait for Starlink.

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The astronomers are super excited too :smiley:

They’ll get over it :wink:

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By over it, you mean space telescopes beyond the Starlink satellites’ orbit :grinning:


I thought it was a pretty clever double entendre :grin:


150/150 Bell fibre for about $60/month. Ottawa Canada


Mobile: 100/20 MBit/s – all you can eat.
Pretty much 100% coverage (except on some mountains in the Alps)
for EUR 22,- p.m. but we have more phones contracts with the provider,
Without other contracts it’s EUR 36,-

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I have 100/50 vdsl2 connection here in Finland it costs 9.9€ a month.

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Slow, but it gets the job done

I can watch YouTube videos without buffering, make Google Voice and WhatsApp calls, do Facetime/WhatsApp video calls and keep my cloud services in sync.

I moved house late last year, from an area that had fibre to the home (with quite good speed) to my current place which is served by a wireless internet provider.

My cell phone company has reasonable (for us) speeds in most urban areas in the country.

Cell Phone Data Speed

Wireless Provider

I pay the equivalent of $10 per 10GB of data on the cell plan (there are various plans available) and $30 for “unlimited data” from the ISP

Location - Lagos, NIgeria

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1000/1000 AT&T Fiber for $90 a month! After years of Cox Cable at 50/5 for $90 a month.

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33 mbps. I’m in Mexico City.

Damn dude I pay $50 a month for my 10GB of cell data, similar speeds. I’m in Guam.

Looks like I’m getting a bit more than what I pay for. Can’t complain about that.

Your image is broken…

On Fast.com, my MacBook Pro says 37 Mbps, and my iPhone says 110 Mbps. Comcast, $60 month in Florida.

Speedtest.net on the MacBook Pro says 36.8 up and 5.36 down.