What is your Internet Speed?

A related question is how many people feel like they are getting what they’re paying for? In fact I think I will go create that poll. (And link it back here.)

Edit, it didn’t link quite as I expected, so here’s the poll: Do you feel you're getting what you pay for from your ISP?

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Same in NJ for $79 a month plus free Netflix for a year.

You are very lucky. Majority of homes are fibre to the node, with the old copper to the home. Mine was 30/12 when paying for 50/20. Now on fixed wireless and its 25/10 paying for 50/20. Tis what it is

80/20 Mbps here on a £35/month standard BT landline and broadband service. More than enough for me. We live opposite the exchange, so a very short run of copper bypassing the street cabinet and very reliable :+1:t2:

Mobile deals are great here. £18/month unlimited data/SMS and 200 mins voice (that I never use) with Three UK. Also, have a PAYG O2 SIM in the phone as a backup.

Those are good prices. Better than I remembered for 0.5Mbps with a green “manta ray” USB modem. I remember £10/month for dial-up Demon Internet!

Ah, Demon Internet! Then Freeserve came along with no monthly charge. Demon has only recently (this year I think) been shut down by Vodafone. There were still thousands of users.



We have a 50/16 line, we generally get 55/15.

I could switch to Vodafone Cable and get between 100mbps and 1000mbps, but my wife had bad experiences with them, when they were Kabel Deutschland.

Edit: 39€ a month for 5 telephone numbers, 2 VOIP channels, flatrate to landline and mobile numbers in Germany and 50/16mbps DSL.

Gigabit Pro (FTTH) from Comcast

I’ve had the tier since it started. It started out at 305/65 (Mbit/s) -> 505/100 (Mbit/s) -> 2/2 (Gbit/s)


500mbit down, 20mbit up for 40euro/month. I would much rather have 250down 250up though.

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Contract or month-to-month? I’ll never sign a contract with them.
They offered me the Netflix sub as well. I told them I didn’t want it and asked them to credit my bill instead. I heard the CS rep’s brain break when I asked for that! Worth a try.

No contract but I guess if I cancel within a year I need to pay back the Netflix credit they have given me for a full year.

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oh wow, I figured this tier was just a PR stunt. Didn’t know anyone could actually get it. What do they give you in terms of on-prem equipment? Do you use 10 Gbps equipment on your LAN?

I’ve got AT&T Gigabit Fiber service at a decent price of $160 a month for it and U-Verse TV with an extra package in the suburbs of Chicago. However, the websites with network speedtests all give me different readings. My modem is hooked up to a switch, of which CAT6 cabling is run to 4 drops of 3 sockets (not sure of the terms) in my home.

From my hardwired computer, I run Ookla’s speedtest and consistently get readings of 300-400mbps, while AT&T’s and my router (Netgear Orbi) speedtests will show 600-900mbps. So, I’m unsure of what the real speed is.

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They originally used the Ciena 3931 (what I have), then switched to the Juniper ACX2100. It’s actually two circuits, one is a 1G copper handoff. The other is a 10G w/ a MMF transceiver. Their switch is trunking the two circuit via a 10G point-to-point link using either CWDM or DWDM.

Here’s a picture of the Ciena 3931 they have installed for my circuit.

In terms of my equipment, using 10G where I want it. My router is a ER-Infinity, with two ES-16 XG’s.

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I currently have Spectrum. They recently doubled our speed at no cost. It went from 100mpbs down and 10mpbs up. Now it is 200mpbs down and 5mpbs up. I don’t understand why they decreased up speed. The only thing I can think, is if we need more up, then we are a business and their business accounts are much more expensive. I am paying 45 a month but in March it will go up to 65 a month. The other option is Frontier and they offer 100/100 down/up, but you rarely get those speeds.

I can’t wait until Verizon offers 5g in my area. Once they do, I will give it a try.

I’m pulling about 400/20 through Spectrum coax.

100Mb down, 20Mb up - pretty consistent also

100/100 Verizon fios 34.99 a month nj

100/10 as of now, but I’m switching providers next week and getting 500/500 for $30 cheaper.


Nice. That is awesome!

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