What is your Internet Speed?

$65/mo. for combination landline and DSL @ ~100Mbs from a local indie ISP. I consider myself fairly lucky.

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So… despite the perceptions that Australian internet is bad, the prices seem to be fairly competitive with at least the US, and 95% of us have a choice of ISP.

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89 MBPS down and and just over 10 MBPS up.

When it comes to choice of ISP, the US is as a out as bad as it gets :slight_smile:


In reply to myself I wanted to mention Docomo finished laying a fiber line from Japan to the island and they are working steadily to lay new underground lines throughout the island. We also have Starlink coming as well as Virgin Galactic which should spur some better infrastructure. So it’s not all bad but Docomo still doesn’t have any real competition.

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A related question is how many people feel like they are getting what they’re paying for? In fact I think I will go create that poll. (And link it back here.)

Edit, it didn’t link quite as I expected, so here’s the poll: Do you feel you're getting what you pay for from your ISP?

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Same in NJ for $79 a month plus free Netflix for a year.

You are very lucky. Majority of homes are fibre to the node, with the old copper to the home. Mine was 30/12 when paying for 50/20. Now on fixed wireless and its 25/10 paying for 50/20. Tis what it is

80/20 Mbps here on a £35/month standard BT landline and broadband service. More than enough for me. We live opposite the exchange, so a very short run of copper bypassing the street cabinet and very reliable :+1:t2:

Mobile deals are great here. £18/month unlimited data/SMS and 200 mins voice (that I never use) with Three UK. Also, have a PAYG O2 SIM in the phone as a backup.

Those are good prices. Better than I remembered for 0.5Mbps with a green “manta ray” USB modem. I remember £10/month for dial-up Demon Internet!

Ah, Demon Internet! Then Freeserve came along with no monthly charge. Demon has only recently (this year I think) been shut down by Vodafone. There were still thousands of users.



We have a 50/16 line, we generally get 55/15.

I could switch to Vodafone Cable and get between 100mbps and 1000mbps, but my wife had bad experiences with them, when they were Kabel Deutschland.

Edit: 39€ a month for 5 telephone numbers, 2 VOIP channels, flatrate to landline and mobile numbers in Germany and 50/16mbps DSL.

Gigabit Pro (FTTH) from Comcast

I’ve had the tier since it started. It started out at 305/65 (Mbit/s) -> 505/100 (Mbit/s) -> 2/2 (Gbit/s)


500mbit down, 20mbit up for 40euro/month. I would much rather have 250down 250up though.

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Contract or month-to-month? I’ll never sign a contract with them.
They offered me the Netflix sub as well. I told them I didn’t want it and asked them to credit my bill instead. I heard the CS rep’s brain break when I asked for that! Worth a try.

No contract but I guess if I cancel within a year I need to pay back the Netflix credit they have given me for a full year.

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oh wow, I figured this tier was just a PR stunt. Didn’t know anyone could actually get it. What do they give you in terms of on-prem equipment? Do you use 10 Gbps equipment on your LAN?

I’ve got AT&T Gigabit Fiber service at a decent price of $160 a month for it and U-Verse TV with an extra package in the suburbs of Chicago. However, the websites with network speedtests all give me different readings. My modem is hooked up to a switch, of which CAT6 cabling is run to 4 drops of 3 sockets (not sure of the terms) in my home.

From my hardwired computer, I run Ookla’s speedtest and consistently get readings of 300-400mbps, while AT&T’s and my router (Netgear Orbi) speedtests will show 600-900mbps. So, I’m unsure of what the real speed is.

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They originally used the Ciena 3931 (what I have), then switched to the Juniper ACX2100. It’s actually two circuits, one is a 1G copper handoff. The other is a 10G w/ a MMF transceiver. Their switch is trunking the two circuit via a 10G point-to-point link using either CWDM or DWDM.

Here’s a picture of the Ciena 3931 they have installed for my circuit.

In terms of my equipment, using 10G where I want it. My router is a ER-Infinity, with two ES-16 XG’s.

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I currently have Spectrum. They recently doubled our speed at no cost. It went from 100mpbs down and 10mpbs up. Now it is 200mpbs down and 5mpbs up. I don’t understand why they decreased up speed. The only thing I can think, is if we need more up, then we are a business and their business accounts are much more expensive. I am paying 45 a month but in March it will go up to 65 a month. The other option is Frontier and they offer 100/100 down/up, but you rarely get those speeds.

I can’t wait until Verizon offers 5g in my area. Once they do, I will give it a try.