What are your favorite TV shows - non tech related

What are your all time favorite tv shows?

I think my top 3 are:

Miami Vice
Dharrna and Greg
How I Met Your Mother

But, some other ones I love are:

Nash Bridges
Many shows on HGTV
Agents of Shield
Andy Griffith (B&W Episodes)
Sanford and Son
Stargate Atlantis/SG1


The first three that pop into my head are:

  • Chuck
  • Firefly
  • The Expanse

I grew up on the Simpsons, so the first 12 seasons of that are the best. I also enjoy Futurama.

But the only show I actually still watch now is Seinfeld. I start from Season 1 and work all the way to Season 9. I only watch 1 episode a day before I go to sleep, but no matter how many times I watch them, they never get old. Truly a masterpiece of a show.


I am not the biggest fan of fictional TV, except older Star Trek. (I didn’t like the most recent effort as much, and stopped watching when they did the parallel universe thing, too gimmicky for me.) I wanted to like “The Magicians” but it got way too gory for me and I only saw most of the first season and an episode or two of the second.

I do like science based shows, like on Discovery Science. I am a big fan of stuff like “How the Universe Works”. I used to look forward to watching Mythbusters when the original episodes were airing, but at some point it kind of jumped the shark. Adam has a new show where he builds silly things, and I have tried to watch it, but it just doesn’t suit my tastes… building silly things because you have rich and wealthy friends is possibly entertaining, but not very value adding to my life. I have just recently encountered “Expedition Unknown” and am undecided if I like it enough to tell the PVR to record all episodes.

I don’t watch much tv but when I do I like:
Expeditor Unknown
Svegolie (horror tv host- shows old horror movies)
Now for the way back machine my favorite all time show was The Flintstones. :grin:

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Tough. Hmm.

The O.C.
Veronica Mars
Stranger Things
Top Gear (UK)/The Grand Tour
The Bots Master (where my username comes from, my favorite show as a kid)
The IT Crowd
Prison Break
Arrested Development
Full Metal Alchemist
Roswell (1999)
Teen Wolf
The Strain
Battlestar Galactica
Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Super)
Twin Peaks
Red Dwarf
The Walking Dead
The Expanse
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Everybody Loves Raymond
Dead Like Me
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
The Office (U.S.)
Quantum Leap
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
Breaking Bad
Life On Mars (UK)
Dark Angel
Batman Beyond
The Great British Bake Off
Tru Calling
The Tomorrow People (2013)
The 4400
Dark Matter
The Riches
Absolutely Fabulous
Married With Children (crude and not politically correct in the least, but still one of the funniest shows)
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
All In The Family
I Love Lucy
Into The Badlands
Mr. Bean
Keeping Up Appearances
The Rain
Derry Girls
The Shannara Chronicles
Mr Robot
The Seven Deadly Sins
The OA
The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio Del Tiempo)
Fairy Tail
The Protector
The Punisher
Saved By The Bell
Terra Nova
Full Metal Panic (all series)
DN Angel
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Attack On Titan
Doctor Who (2005 onwards, I’m two or three seasons behind now)
The Umbrella Academy
Better Off Ted
The Loop
One Tree Hill
That 70’s Show
The Wayans Bros.
How I Met Your Mother
Batman: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series
Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Mighty Max
The Simpsons (single digit seasons)
Mad TV
In Living Color
The Flash
Chappelle’s Show
Supernatural (watched maybe the first 8 seasons)

I’m leaving out about a dozen or so, more including a lot of anime and documentary TV shows. This is off the top of my head.

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Battlestar Galactica (reimagined series)

Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9, Enterprise (haven’t seen Discovery or Picard yet)


The Man in the High Castle

Mr. Robot



Stargate Atlantis

Doctor Who (favorite doctors: 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12… Haven’t seen 13 yet)


Quantum Leap


Fringe is by far and away my favorite show of all time.

I just finished catching up with SHIELD, it had a ton of Fringe vibes and moments in it. I really liked it because it kinda forces you to suspend your disbelief to a point where you’re totally immersed and really committed to these characters and their stories. It got me yelling at my TV a bunch of times.

Currently looking for something to fill the SHIELD shaped hole in my heart as we wait for the final season.

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I stopped a couple of seasons into Agents of SHIELD, sounds like I may need to catch up again. I prefer to binge watch, because if I have to wait for an episode or season I usually forget a lot of the plot.

Peaky blinders
The Righteous Gemstones
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

If you like It’s Always Sunny, you’ll probably enjoy The League (if you haven’t seen it already). Ostensibily about a fantasy football league, but it’s a lot like It’s Always Sunny, except a little less formulaic and possibly a little more irreverent.

Everything is on Netflix except the Final season which is coming out mid-2020. But if you really dont like cliffhangers I would wait until the final season is about to come out. It’s excruciating.

I love the show though. The character development is spectacular and there are some great performances in it despite being a little “super hero movie cliche”. As in like every fight no matter how technologically advanced or 3D the situation might be usually just comes down to punching the bad guy in the face…stuff like that. I still really enjoyed it.

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I miss the older Trek shows… They were great. I remember waiting each week for the next episode of TNG

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I love TV. I actually use a Chrome extension (TV Watchlist) and an Android app (Series Guide) to keep track of what I watch.
Here’s what I’m currently trying to keep up with:

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Just off the top of your w!! Lmao:rofl:


I do not feel bad about the amount of TV I consume. It makes me happy!


I basically grew up in a Mayberry town. One day, I think I must have been 10 or 11, I skipped school and helped my grandmother (who was the town’s secretary) type up the entire list of registered voters into the database, aka Windows 3.11’s CardFile.exe. :slight_smile:

Would love to have that Mayberry back! Andy Griffith was/is such a great feel-good show. Highly endorse this pick! :slight_smile:


I’m a binger. You will find no judgement here.

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Even my 12 year old son loves the show…