What is your favorite brand of television?

Just curious… What is everyone’s favorite brand of television?

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Love my Pioneer Plasma, but next purchase will most likely be an LG.

OLED OLED OLED. The LGs are great. The Hisense 100" projector is fantastic in a great room especially when there are lots of people over, but the LG picture is superb.


Well, I own two Sony’s but I don’t necessarily think they are the best out there…they’re very good and both were purchased on sale. We’ll see how long they live…

My last 3 tv’s have been Sonys. That is my preference.

When I bought my last Sony, I also bought a Samsung. I hooked them up next to each other and compared the pictures. I wanted what I thought was the better tv…

I found the Sony LCD looked better - and I returned the Samsung and kept the Sony.

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LG makes great screens but TVs are not my area of expertise.

I have always preferred SONY TVs as they look much better and switch properly to streaming sticks and the like - unlike our LG TV we have too. I will replace them with SONY TVs in future.

I only buy one very 10 years, what ever is the best and cheapest…

I’m a Sony guy for TV’s but the last time I brought a Samsung because to was $500 cheaper. Everyday I wish I paid the extra and got the Sony.


I have purchased two TCL TV this past year. a 32" for the ‘Man Nook’ and a 55’ as the primary TV. Great looking pictures on both and love the built in Roku interface. I have been a Roku fan since the 2nd gen player.

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When Canada (and probably the USA too) used to have “The Sony Store” stores, I used to be a huge fan of Sony gear. But these days, I think Sony is a slowly fading star. My last Sony TV was a 36" 175lbs Trinitron tube TV, capable of 1080i and picture in picture, that I paid over $3k for and gave away for nothing. Sony stopped making their own displays, so I stopped considering them to have the best displays. They may or may not have some of the best firmware (for things like upscaling or downscaling) but I don’t consider the increase in price to provide good value.

I waited to get a LCD TV until I could afford one of the first 1080p capable ones, it was 37" and it was from Sharp. I still have it, wall-mounted, but generally disused in my guest room. Since I had good luck with that, to replace it I bought a larger 52" Sharp LED, one of the ones with the yellow pixels, which I also still have, wall-mounted in my “computer room”. When I wanted something larger, the Sharp pricing wasn’t great, so I ended up buying two identical Samsung 60" LED TVs: one for the family room and one for wall-mounting in the master bedroom. After about a two years, the master bedroom one developed a single line of green pixels from top to bottom for no apparent reason. (It was not abused in any way, beyond being well used.)

I am in the market for a larger TV for the family room, but not in the budget. When the next chance to buy comes along, I will probably choose based on the what has the features I need based on the budget I have. At that time I will move the family room TV to the master bedroom to replace the one with the green line (which will get recycled or given away.)

A couple of “black Fridays” ago (yes, Canada has “adopted” this American tradition) I got a smallish Sharp TV (40" I think) for a real steal, even though I had no actual use for it at the time. It feels cheap, has two inputs, and has poor firmware, but I don’t feel ripped off because it was so cheap to acquire. I ended up putting it on a stand beside the larger family room TV and using it to play Playstation while half watching something on the larger TV.

I like both Sony’s and LG’s. However, being broke I have a couple of Insignia’s from Best Buy. They sell them dirt cheap, and they are “Good Enough”.

I’m actually planning to buy a new TV this coming Black Friday. I currently have a 65" Panasonic Plasma, so yeah, it’s like 10-12 years old. We’ve been debating a 65" OLED vs a 75" LCD with nano cell backlighting. Similar price. My eyes can’t tell the difference in quality in the showroom, so we’re leaning towards bigger is better.

The biggest benefit for OLED is deeper blacks. But, I would probably go with the larger TV also.

Scott always says that an LCD might be better if the room is brighter. So, that can make a difference as well.

I personally find all the OLEDs at the store to have too much reflection on the glass. SOme LCDs have it too, but some have a low glare finish on the screen.

It would personally drive me nuts to see those reflections when trying to watch TV. I already have enough issue with the new laptops not having low glare glass… But to deal with that on a huge TV would be too much for me.

When I see it in the store, I find it distracting

Pioneer back in the day, I guess LG or Sony now. Have my eye on an LG W series right now. Pretty amazing design!

I can tell you definitively what my least favorite brand is - Samsung. Their QLED marketing is specifically targeted to ride the coattails of OLED technology. Tricking people who know enough to ask but not enough to know.

LG is the most recent TV I purchased. It was on sale at the local store and has served us well.