What Other Podcasts Do You Listen / Watch?

What other Podcasts (apart from TWiT ) do you consume?

( Tech or otherwise ).

Anything you recommend?

I consume:

Rich on Tech
The Big Ticket
The Watch
Nile & Neal Podcast
MarketPlace Tech
Entertainment Best Shows
I’m Obsessed with
Table Manners with Jessie Ware

As well as some music podcasts.

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I’m a Patreon subscriber to Darknet Diaries and The Fighter Pilot Podcast

I also listen to

  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
  • Nintendo Power Podcast
  • F1: Beyond the Grid
  • Houston We Have a Podcast
  • Invisibilia
  • My Favorite Murder
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Still Untitled w/ Adam Savage
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • Kotaku Splitscreen

Other than TWiT shows, these are ones I listen to regularly

  • Opening Arguments
  • Endless Thread
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Fat Man Beyond
  • The Pete the Planner Show
  • Land of the Giants

These I listen to select shows (not every episode)

  • Vector
  • ReelBlend
  • The /Filmcast (Slashfilmcast)
  • Escape Pod
  • Playing For Fun
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Podcasts I listen to every episode of, and am caught up on:
Windows Weekly
Dan Carlin’s Harcore History (and addendum)
Tales of Nowhere

Podcasts I’m catching up on, but am not current with:
Behind The Tech with Kevin Scott
Coding Blocks
Developer Tea
Philosophize This!
Philosophy Bites
Sean Carrol’s Mindscapes
Software Engineering Daily

I have about two dozen other podcasts listed but they’re all super hit or miss with whether I’ll listen or not.


Aria Code
The Row Show
Masterpiece Studio
The Real Science of Sport
Met Opera Guild Podcast
Rowing Chat
Non-Twit Tech: Vector and iMore

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I also listen to Mobituaries with Mo Rocca and PC Perspective…

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Non TWiT stuff I listen to:

  • It’s A Thing
  • Daily Tech News Show
  • Digital Planet (BBC)
  • Friday Night Comedy (BBC)
  • Fully Charged
  • Internet of Things

Then quite a lot of stuff on YouTube (selection of favourite ones):

  • Autosport
  • BBC Click
  • Chain Bear
  • Everyday Astronaut
  • Explaining Computers
  • Fully Charged Show
  • LGR
  • Nostalgia Nerd
  • RetroManCave
  • Retro Recipes
  • Scott Manley
  • Techmoan
  • Technology Connections
  • The 8-Bit Guy
  • Tom Scott

I was about to make a thread to ask for podcast recommendation.

This made my day. Thank you @MillhhAus

Podcast that i listen/watch besides what is on Twit are

This Is Only A Test
Adam Savage’s Untitled
Daily Tech News Show
This Week In Science
Tek Thing (before it got sunsetted)


I’m aghast that so far no one’s mentioned The Accidental Tech Podcast, though hopefully that’s only because it’s so ubiquitous as to go without saying? Same with Gruber’s.

  • The Accidental Tech Podcast - featuring John Siracusa (legendary alumnus of Ars Technica), Marco Arment, and Casey Liss
  • Relay.fm’s The Upgrade - featuring Jason Snell of Six Colors
  • Exponent - featuring Ben Thompson of Stratechery
  • The Talk Show - featuring John Gruber of Daring Fireball
  • App Stories, and Adapt - featuring Frederico Viticci of Mac Stories
  • Vector - featuring Rene Ritchie (via YouTube) of iMore
  • After On - featuring Rob Reid - ethical techno-futurism
  • Recode/Decode - featuring Kara Swisher of CodeMedia/Vox
  • Medium Playback - Medium’s most popular stories’ authors read what they wrote then are interviewed about it
  • The AIAS Gamemakers Notebook - long-form, conversational interviews of leading videogame creatives by their industry peers
  • Easy Allies Podcast - videogame industry commentary
  • 99% Invisible - featuring Radiotopia’s Roman Mars - design in modern life and media
  • 20,000 Hz - featuring Dallas Taylor - sound in modern life and media
  • Gimme Shelter - addressing California’s housing supply crisis
  • MindShift - progressive experiments in childhood education
  • Mad Chat - incisive dissection of social messaging around mental wellness
  • Articles of Interest - featuring Radiotopia’s Avery Truffleman - award-winning wrapped mini-doc series on the fashion industry
  • Nice Try! - also featuring Radiotopia’s Avery Truffleman - forensic commentary on attempts at utopia
  • Imaginary Worlds - interrogating why humans find fictional stories compelling and suspension of disbelief
  • Command Line Heroes by Red Hat - documenting coders’ ethos and contributions toward the computer revolution
  • IRL by Mozilla - mainstream-oriented tech commentary
  • Juice Guru Radio - plant-based nutrition and wellness
  • SF public radio station KQED’s The Bay and Bay Curious - current events; listener-driven trivia mini-docs
  • Every Little Thing by Gimlet Media - celebrating and obsessing over the absurd and mundane details of everyday modern life
  • Bird Note and Sound Escapes - long-form natural soundscapes

In my defence, some of these are very short, and some of them only produce occasional shows that interest me.

50 Things That Made The Modern Economy
9to5 Mac Happy Hour
Accidental Tech Podcast
Android Central Podcast
Android Police Podcast
CISO-Security Vendor Relationship
Cyber Exposure
Cyber Security Sauna
Defense in Depth
Defensive Security Podcast
Grumpy Old Geeks
iMore Show
Malicious Life
Mobile TechRoundup
Naked Security Podcast
Paul’s Security Weekly
Recorded Future
Reply All
Risky Business
SANS Internet Stormcenter Daily
Section 9 Cyber Security
Security Intelligence Podcast
Smashing Security
Tech Tent
Tech’s Message
The CyberWire
The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show
The Threatpost Podcast
Unhelpful Suggestions
Unsupervised Learning


Mobile Nations
Android Central
Windows Central

Science vs
Flash forward
Past present

Wait wait-don’t tell me
Npr politics
Code switch

Random tech
Pocket now
Android authority
Honestly, tech

Some are non time sensitive (like the gimlet media ones). Others i start my day with (NPR), but generally, i listen as they hit my feed

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I tend to look for podcasts with opinions and discussions and interviews, not so much ones that are time dependent - TWiT is the exception.

One that I’ve gotten into recently is Who Cares About the Rock Hall? The host is obsessed with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and his co-host could care less about it. They have various guests who come on and make a case for the induction of a particular band or artist.

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Thanks very much for explaining why you like a particular podcast rather than just listing a bunch of them.


Some friends of mine make a podcast Hard Times & Weirdness. They’re a married couple in The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, a Country Blues band, traveling the world playing as many as 250 dates a year. The show is about their experiences on the road, playing music, meeting people, the difficulties finding bandmates, managers & merchandise people who can handle this lifestyle.

One thing they do is completely different than most musicians who constantly complain about only seeing the inside of green rooms or airport lounges is to make sure they actually see the places they’re visiting. They’ve played 37 countries… and fished in 35 of them.

My favorite of their episodes was number 48, with their guest Captain Vinny, a charter fishing captain in Florida who tells the most astounding fish story I’ve ever heard.

Nearly as good is episode 11, about a run-in with the Motor City Madman.

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The only other podcast I watch or listen to is the iMore show and a little podcast called Clumsy Theosis

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Yeah, I find a cold-sell on title alone a tough pill to swallow, so figured others would as well. I decided to hyperlink, too, since this is a community message board, and that much likelier to benefit others to save the copy/paste/retype. :+1:


This is a great thread! Gonna use it to discover some new podcasts.

My non-TWiT podcasts:

  • Mission Log
  • Mission Log Live
  • Nintendo Voice Chat
  • Shabam
  • TED Radio Hour
  • The Incomparable
  • The Trek Files
  • This American Life
  • The Trek Companion
  • WVFRM with MKBHD
  • Science vs.
  • Daily Star Trek News
  • The Trek Files

Dan Carlin is THE BEST. I’ll relisten to his HH episodes when I’m feeling it. He is a master.

Behind The Tech is wonderful. The last two episodes featured two AMAZING women in tech, you should stop what your doing and listen to them now.

-Hidden Brain
-Freakanomics, never miss an episode S Dubner is a spectacular interviewer
-Long May They Run, Phish podcast
-Serial, TAL, other NPR favorites


I take it you like Star Trek :yum::yum:

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You might enjoy “50 Years of Maximum Rock’n’Roll”. There are only 15 episodes, but they are all legendary sound engineer Bob Heil talking about his career in sound.

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