Other interests/hobbies besides tech?

Besides tech and computers, what other interests do you have?

Me personally, I am a huge hockey fan. The Philly Flyers are my favorite team. I watch every game on tv.

I also collect autographs. I have a ton of signed hockey stuff. I do not buy autographs… There are so many fakes out there, so I always get stuff signed in person. I also have some autographs from some of my favorite actors and musicians.

I am also heavily into firearms. Over the last 20+ years, I have owned just about everything.

And, I also try to walk everyday… Usually 3x a day, totally 5 to 6 miles walked a day. I even have my own threadmill for days that are too hot or too cold.

Finally, I really like watching the various shows on the HGTV channel…

What about you guys (and gals)?


I am an avid reader. I love books as much as I love computers :grin:

  • Cooking (vegan)
  • Reading
  • Camping
  • Coffee (roast and try a lot of single-origin coffees)
  • Tea (all the camellia sinensis shades but especially greens like gyokuro yamashiro, matcha, and longjing; also yerba mate, herbal teas)
  • Dark chocolate (likewise mostly single-origin, for same types of tasting notes and terroir as coffee)
    Ancient history
  • Listening to music (fairly broad genre-wise)
  • Listening to podcasts (quite a few, including non-tech)
  • Writing (something I need to get back into, have part of a sci-fi novel written and the rest mapped out for 7 books :frowning:)
  • Cars (moderate interest in industry and classic and modern cars, particularly aesthetics, but the most I can do in terms of working on my 124 Spider is wash/detail, change the tires, oil - don’t really have the tools or money to do more than that, especially with me being more invested in computer hobby - I’m not jayz2cents)
  • Science
  • Nutrition
  • Television (see TV thread)
  • Light interest in stock market and finance (also cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but that’s more fintech)
  • Fountain pens (don’t have any nice ones, just a Pilot Metropolitan and a Monteverde demonstrator; have a ton I want in a Pinterest board or bookmarked, though)

I also do random projects from time to time, but most involve computers and tech (mentioned in project thread). I maded a picture book for fun (not particularly great, just something I did to play with Amazon’s CreateSpace platform; I had the art done by someone else). May do some light woodworking for a keyboard project (have some bloodwood coming in to saw, CNC route, and sand for computer keyboard case).


oooh coffee I forgot that one…thanks ZivZulander


Hmm. The bigger ones are sf&f, anime/manga and books (ebooks and DTs) oh so many books. Some lesser things are nature, yoga and a bit of dabbling in genealogy. I’m starting to get interested in board games - not some much RPG or big strategy ones but lighter ones and card games - and trying to figure out if I can start micro-local meetup for them that would be nice and easy and beginner (like me) oriented. Still pondering that…

Nice to see another autograph collector. I also never buy, I just get them in person, too. I’m more into baseball and soccer, though, I do have one hockey autograph.
You can see my whole collection at dailyautograph.com.

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My favorite signed item is a worn and signed hockey jersey from Claude Giroux (Flyers captain).

What is your favorite signed item?

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I’m a 70 year old cliche…


And the Seattle Mariners

I do swim laps every day which kind of muddies the cliche but not too much


That’s tough for me since I only get cards and photos signed. I started watching English soccer in 2006. Ten years later I met 4 of my favorite players and got cards signed, so that was pretty special. I never expected to see any of those guys in person.

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I am into trains and WWII…


I roast my own coffee as well. (I see some others do here)
I just got into the chemistry of soap making. I’m addicted.
Love to cook from scratch
Always looking for ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle and not throw away
Thrift store shopper. Love those used bargain finds.
Herbalist. I make salves, lotions, oils and my own herbal medicines
I grow a few herbs and veggies in containers on my patio
Working at being retired.


And when I’m not sleeping, napping.


Anyone here super into Phish?

Because that’s my hobby. Jambands more broadly. I’ve seen moe. 100+ times including in Japan!

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  • Caring for my 2 furbabies (a corgi-boxer and a tuxedo Persian mix, both rescues)

  • Coffee!

  • Fine dining

  • Anything in science fiction

  • Music - a favorite band lately is AJR

  • Local events, be they for entertainment or not


Love Phish! Trey is simply amazing. I’d be curious to hear how you use tech in your Phish travels. Also I recommend the new Long May They Run podcast if you are not already listening. Jam on!

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This takes up the rest of my time… :wink:


:beetle: :heart_eyes:

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Definitely up to speed with Long May They Run. It’s pretty good and has some great insight if not a little fluffy. They had that festival episode and skipped Coventry entirely because they aren’t many good things to say about it.

I ride my Bike to work and enjoy moutain biking. We have 3 Single Track parks within a couple of miles from work…we hit them at lunch on occasion. Gotta love West Michigan. SciFi and D&D are interests as well. Eberron is my favorte D&D campaign setting. Oh and I try to read 4 or 5 books a month.

Live music. I try to see a concert every week. I don’t see shows in arenas or stadiums, just theaters and clubs.

I’ve managed to turn this interest into a business video recording concerts. I’ve built a system where I’ve put all the equipment to record a concert with 8 cameras into two bags, one carry-on roller bag and one bag for tripods.