Sci Fi Favourites

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Always enjoy Steve (and Leo’s) suggestions and discussions of science fiction “reads”. Found my way to “HonorVerse” by David Weber and “The Lost Fleet” series by Jack Campbell listening to them. Also, came to Audible as a result.

A series I found I really enjoyed is by Dennis E. Taylor, starting with “We Are Legion, We Are Bob”. Now I am slightly biased, being a Bob, but I found a sci fi series based on believable state of the art tech and capabilities compelling to listen to.

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I love anything by Ray Bradbury… he’s such an imaginative and amazing sci-fi writer. Can’t beat the classics! One I read recently that I enjoyed again is “The Illustrated Man.” (Psst… I think this would be a fantastic movie if they did it right with current technology, etc, but if they over-Hollywoodized it, I’d cry.)



The Culture novels by Iain M. Banks.


I recommend the series of books by Richard Phillips -

The first three can be considered standalone as they introduce a central character who appears in the later books. Books 4-9 should be considered a complete series but you’ll not miss out too much if you skip the first three. I’ve listened to first 7 on Audible. Trying to find time to catch up with the final two.

I’m no literary critic by any means but really enjoyed listening to them.


Dune is easily the greatest science-fiction story ever imagined as far as I’m concerned.


I haven’t read the novels, but The Expanse is my favorite sci fi television show and one of my all-time favorite shows.


Expanse series is great. I read the first 4-5, I thought the TV show was fun and well done too.

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One of the few books I’ve read more than twice.

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I mean to get around to the books, because I understand that they are far more complex than the series, but I have currently set myself the project of reading Dickens’ novels in order on top of Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, so it might be a while.

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Well you got some totally different books chosen, I’ve started reading two different types of books at the same time.
It keeps things fun and fresh.

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Can I suggest a movie that goes along with the Security Now Deepfakes episode a few weeks back? It’s the Netflix movie ANON. It’s by no means a perfect movie, but I really liked it. Give the trailer the first 30 seconds, but I wouldn’t watch past the minute mark, I think it gives too much away.

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Remembrance of earths past - by Liu Cixin. An excellent trilogy by the Chinese author. It’s full of great ideas but can be a bit dry at times. Definitely recommend though.

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I just finished the first book in the third trilogy of The Expanse. They need to hurry up with the last book! A full re-watch of the show is next on my list after Fringe.

Am a large fan of Fringe and Expanse (books and tv show)

Another vote for The Expanse (TV series…haven’t read the novels)…incredible show. Obviously the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica as well. Also love the Mars series on National Geographic, which is kind of a hybrid docudrama. And all the Star Treks (including the movies and new CBS series), no matter how poorly written or executed, haha…just love that whole universe. Guilty pleasure: The Orville.

Now here is a thought provoking concept. Looking at Dennis E. Taylor website where he talks about “Status of Things”.

“We’re also currently in discussions for interactive audio books. No details yet.“

I’m a bit surprised those on this forum don’t mention his books. They take place in the near future, and for the most part, are based on current day computer technology and space travel capabilities projected ahead in what I find to be a realistic way.

What’s a thought provoking concept? If no one knows who Dennis E. Taylor is and what he wrote its hard to consider his work as a science fiction favorite.

Sorry, Thought provoking concept to me was the “interactive audio books”