TWiT on Roku? Alternative?

I’ve been using Twit app (v.2.51) on Roku, but today I’m having loading the podcast list (it’s stuck at “Retrieving…”), I see only the live stream for some reason. Have you guys witness the same issue or maybe I have some weird network issues?

Any alternative? I used before a private channel, but that doesn’t work anymore.

Is there any Video “Podcast” general app on Roku?

Plex might fit the bill. I use that as my main audio podcast software, but they also have a “Web Shows” feature that should have all the TWiT shows.


The TWiT on Roku app was discontinued many years ago. I just use YouTube.


Can’t say I really like Youtube interface on Roku (and I hate their playlist handling even on computer) but that’s a valid point, I could just use Youtube. Plex also works abut that’s even harder, it takes a lot of clicks to get where I want.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Just wanting to “me too” and be counted as someone who watches Twit via Roku. When notice was given a few years back - - I started using YouTube. When they started blocking access to episodes for presumed copyright infringement, I would use a PC connected to the TV. Very frustrating. Then, I checked and happily discovered that the Twit app on Roku was still working. That apparently ended yesterday. I am glad to have had it for as long as it lasted. Per Lisa’s post, I will try the other Roku apps:
· The Podcasts app
· Watch live on the Twitch app
· The YouTube app
It would be great if someone would make a Twit Roku app that works with the updated API’s.


The Roku app was written by @Houdini7 with a little support from us. When Roku changed its API a couple of years ago, @Houdini7 was working somewhere else and couldn’t update the app, so it stopped working.

We don’t have the resources to pay someone to write apps for us - there are just too many platforms. Fortunately, we’re on a number of streaming platforms that have Roku apps: YouTube, Ustream, and Twitch. I think they’re good ways to watch. And for audio there’s iheart, TuneIn, and many more.


It’s funny that it actually worked fine for me till yesterday. I’m just going to use Youtube. There are a number of alternatives as you mentioned, no reason to make an app only for TWiT.

Case closed :slight_smile:

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It looks like Ustream no longer exists for the Roku. Does anyone know if the Podcasts app is as good to use on an older Roku (as the Shiftkey one was)? At £1.49 per month, I wouldn’t mind paying for it if it’s snappy as the old Shiftkey one was, but some of these apps are very slow to run.

I did consider Youtube, but given that I’d be using Youtube principally for watching TWiT channels - with their own adverts, which I am happy to watch - I’m extremely reluctant to pay Youtube £12 per month just to avoid them injecting further adverts into the stream (unless TWiT get a chunk of that cash back from Youtube, that is; that would make it a little less painful).

Briain :wink:

Although I have two Roku sticks, they have been disused for years. To watch TWiT on TV I just use Chrome and a ChromeCast. It means adding an extra device into the mix (a phone or computer) but Chromecast can be commanded to view a stream and it goes and gets it on its own and the other device is just a control signal (start/stop basically.) Google supposedly has a new TV device coming “soon”… Google “Sabrina” is rumoured to have a remote control.

I can give Roku away, it has a number of killer features, I prefer to have a remote and I really really need in-private listening. It’s also more independent in the sense that I don’t have to worry about Amazon banning Google or Google banning Amazon Prime.

I use the YouTube app. I might get an ad when I start watching, but that’s it. Once the stream starts, I get no interruptions.

I use the Apple Podcast app on my AppleTV’s - works marvelously

Hi Computeforloot

Thank you very much indeed for the tip about Apple TV (I once had the first ever generation of Apple TV, but I’ve no experience of the more recent ones). I have seriously considered paying for Youtube, but I don’t want their music service, so it is quite a lot to pay just to remove adverts from the TWiT videos. I’ve just looked at the dreaded eBay and it seems that a used used Apple TV would be less than the price of a year’s Youtube subscription, so that does make it a viable alternative (and a far nicer one in year two and beyond). :wink:

Over the next week or so, I’ll find out how irritating the Youtube advertising gets then decide which way to jump.


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Same trouble here. I tried YouTube. That was annoying. As a workaround, I downloaded some shows using Pocket Casts, on my Android phone, Shared them to the DS File app, which allowed me to upload the mp4 files to one of my Synology NAS boxes, which runs a DLNA server, that my Roku can stream from. It works just fine.

I really miss the Twit App on Roku. It was very intuitive to use and its function encouraged me in watching more Twit shows and more often.
Would love to see it back on Roku as a standalone app someday.

Just an update, I standardized on Plex, the interface is better even if it takes a couple more clicks to get to the content, I don’t see ads every time I pause the video (not sure if my Pi Hole play a role in that or that’s how Plex works, but in Youtube it was driving me nuts).


@PDelahanty @Leo it looks like this Roku publishing feature allows you to publish a feed direct to Roku (i.e. no longer needing an app.)


Hey that’s cool. Thanks! We’re on it.

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Looks like I should be able to generate a JSON or MRSS feed to get TWiT content published on Roku.

I guess I should probably buy a Roku device. I have Apple TV, TiVo, WebOS, and Samsung devices…so it’s a bit redundant, but I’ll probably have to test this at some point.


The Apple Podcast app on my 3 AppleTV’s, my iPhones 11, XR, and my iPad Pro 11” work absolutely GREAT!! Oh and on all my Macs as well