Roku TWiT app crashing on live stream button

I’ve been out of town for a week and was just settling in to stream yesterday’s TWiT on my Roku TV. It seems like the app crashes whenever I move over the “TWiT Live” button. Unfortunately, I use that the most so it is first in the “Continue Watching” row. Also, unfortunately, the starting “Most Popular” row also takes me past “TWiT Live” before I can get to episodes of TWiT. I can go into each show’s section and play any episode. I can even go up to the search button and find TWiT that was and stream it, but if I land on that “TWiT Live” button, its back to the Roku menu. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I even tried a delete/reboot/reinstall, but no dice. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

prefer using utube two watch twit.
if i recall there two apps on roku for twit.
one of the apps worked great.
the other one to me was a failure.
seems like after middle 2020 the apps program format change also.

Just make sure you are using the official TWiT app that Patrick Delahanty wrote a couple of years ago,

I am using the official TWiT app that Patrick Delahanty wrote. I was still having the crashing issue when moving over the “TWiT Live” thumbnail as of yesterday. It doesn’t seem to be doing it today, though. I know this app was created as an easy way to correlate feeds to create an app so I’m not sure if something changed on the feed end or not that caused this. I asked in this forum specifically hoping that someone else out in the world was using the Roku app could confirm whether they were seeing the same behavior not, which no one seems to have done, though I appreciate being told the most basic troubleshooting steps. I thought I’d been clear in my original post that I was using the official app, which is, currently, the only TWiT app available on Roku.The other app stopped working years ago.

I don’t like watching on YouTube because YouTube throws in random ads in inconvenient spots. The direct feeds from TWiT don’t do that. The volume of ads on YouTube went way up earlier this year and became really annoyingly inserted.

Perhaps @PDelahanty needs to check if there is some update to the tools that Roku provides to make apps. I know that Roku has recently upgraded its OS version, so I wonder if that may be related.