TWiT on Pluto or Other Services?

Not sure if others have asked this, or it has been discussed, but I’ll ask just anyway.

Would it be possible to get a TWiT channel on, or Roku Channel, or other similar free streaming services? Or at least some of the shows on a tech channel?
Not sure what if any revenue there would be, but as long as you got audience numbers that gives you more info for your advertisers.

What do you say @Leo? Something to look into, or is TWiT not big enough to get their attention? With the shows being Creative Common, there is little to stop someone from packaging them up redistributing them it seems.

There is a channel on Roku, as I understand the concept of channel. We discussed it here:

Ooo, I reply by email, let’s try it.

I was not clear, i meant have twit in the actual Roku channel, not just an app.Getting a twit channel on these platforms would help people discover the network.

How many other podcast producers have their own channels on Pluto or Roku? TWiT is not a live television station, nor does it operate on a set schedule. Its a podcast producer that happens to have a live feed going for people to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

A lot of the channels on these services are not live, many just show reruns of old shows. There is a channel that only shows old episodes of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and another for the original Mystery Science Theater 3000, not the new shows on Netflix.

But I imagine that showing very old episodes of tech shows would not be interesting, so it would have to repeat the weeks shows a few times a day, maybe go back a week or two.

The Roku Channel is the name of their free streaming service with live tv channels and on demand ala Pluto TV, Tubi, Xumo, Vizio WatchFree, Samsung TV+, etc.

They weren’t asking about Roku apps which are also confusingly named channels but if the livestream could be added to those type of services. You guys do have a Roku app but it’s not on The Roku Channel which could be a great boon for having people discover TWiT scrolling through the TV guide of free channels built into their TV.

Here’s the page to contact Roku to get content distributed by The Roku Channel

It never dawned on you that things might change (or have changed) in over three years since this was originally posted, right? For example, the Roku device/service has gone thought 2 major versions of the OS in this time. If there is a new option, you should probably start a NEW thread in the feedback topic to request someone to consider it, rather than necroing a 3 year old thread…