Watching TWiT on Roku

Just wondering, how do people watch TWiT on Roku devices? I’ve always used YouTube, and it works fine for live. However when I go to watch subscribed podcasts, it seems that I get interrupted every 5 minutes for a YouTube ad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to ads add the beginning of the stream, or even an interruption in the middle, but every 5 minutes is getting annoying.

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A couple of months ago YouTube started to auto-insert an absurd amount of midrolls.


I still use YouTube but I do agree that the number of midrolls they are inserting is getting excessive.

It would be nice if Roku supported PWA apps. Maybe with a simple wrapper.

Not going to happen. They get a cut of App Store revenue just like everyone else.

I use TWiT app, Youtube got to be very annoying I pause the video and then when I resume it I get an ad.

Yes, the pause then resume to an ad was annoying, but I could deal with it. Its the interruptions every 5 minutes that were getting to me.
Also seems to be show specific. TWiET was overly annoying, but when I watched Security Now, no interruptions.

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There are a few new TWiT apps for Roku that I think are getting the stream from Ustream or another source, and not YouTube. Give them a try and see if things are better, just be sure not to get the old app which might still be available but is broken.

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Official TWiT app for Roku:

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I have that app. Maybe I’ll start using it. I like YouTube because I can subscribe (give you guys numbers) and makes it easy to find the episode I want.

I watch the Twitch stream for live and have switched to the new Twit apps recently because the ads on YouTube have gotten out of hand. I like the Twit TV Player a bit more because it sorta the most recent episode at the top versus the Twit app which starts at the beginning of the season/year every time.