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Hi folks,

A few years back (maybe more than a few), i bought an app on the Apple App Store to listen and/or watch TWIT Podcast. I just went to look for it but can’t seem to find it anymore. I thought it was by Swiftkey but just can’t remember. Does anyone know what it is and if it’s still in the App Store?



Hey there, I found your post on my way to ask about video apps to subscribe to Podcasts. All the VLC on the desktop can be used to subscribe to a podcast it doesn’t appear that you can do that in the iOS version. I find TWiT’s web interface unsatisfying when watch a video on my iPad. Want gesture- based controls… Want to be able to speed up video… Etc. Of course there’s YouTube but that has its own problems.

I’ve been “making due” with PocketCasts for playing video, but again, I’m looking for something better. Frankly, YouTube has a better ui on the iPad.

I don’t think TWiT ever had an official app, though there were several as you mentioned. I had one on my Apple TV at one point. I think they ended up in the dustbin of history thanks to the march of iOS and the need for updates. It may have something to do with changes in TWiT’s video hosting as well. Don’t know.

Hopefully someone can address our issues together.

In recent years, there have been two great fan-created TWiT apps. However, I’ve been told that BOTH developers have taken new jobs in the last couple years and their employers have policies in place that prevent them from doing any non-company coding. As a result, the apps have been removed from the App Store. (If you still have them installed, they both still work…mostly.)

If there’s any iOS developers out there, TWiT’s API is available to help you create apps and we’d love to see someone take this on!


If you purchased the apps, you should still be able to download the app even if they were removed from the app store and you no longer have them installed. Find the purchased section of the app store and you can search for the app. If it’s compatible with your current IOS version, you should be able to download it.


Thanks. It was a fan based app that Leo recommended ages ago but I can seen to find it in my purchased apps on my iPhone. I wonder if it was a 32 bit app and maybe that’s why it’s not showing there?

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Yeah, older apps can no longer be installed. For example, I can’t exactly re-install the Gowalla app because it hasn’t been updated in more than a few OS cycles. Similarly, these fan-made apps haven’t been updated in at least a couple years.


I hate this… I purchased some Dr Seuss books for my kids in the form of apps. You can read them or have them read to you. When we got a new iPad this year, I went to download them and had to resort to finding them in the purchased section and getting them that way. This tells me that they will no longer be updated and I’ll eventually lose access to them when IOS leaves them behind…


I think all the of fan made TWiT apps for all platforms have gone titsup. @Leo could write one to get hands-on experience in the app development world, or better yet, ask @RandalSchwartz to use that wonderful cross-platform toolkit to create one. I would pay for that from the store as I trust Randal more then some random guy creating an app.


Interesting idea. I was going to write an AngularDart app, but got sidetracked. A Flutter app would run on ios/android and now web and desktop.

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Would that also work on Kodi? That app only works with old shows as it has not been updated in years.

My app will use the API to determine all current shows. Was just playing with that a bit ago, so I know it’s possible. Not sure it’d be native on Kodi… why can’t Kodi find all the shows?

Looks like Kodi needs python scripts. That won’t be coming from me anytime soon. :slight_smile:

I’ve just published a first beta of my unofficial iOS app TWiTfinity - see New iOS app TWiTfinity looking for beta testers


TWiTfinity 1.0 is now live on the App Store for iOS and free for now. Enjoy!