TWIG 552: Graduate Nerdalism

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somewhere in the show, Stacey and Jeff mentioned something about Singapore and tracking through the phone. For those interested, the app is called Trace Together.

More info here


Has anyone ever mentioned or realized that Google’s pigweed may be related to Google’s Fucia since real life pigweed is Fucia colored?


Apparently it’s quite nutritious as well.

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@Leo and the others were talking about the data problems in Europe. It seems to be localised, here I have not had any problems with reduced bandwidth, but we are fairly rural. Amazon Prime and the various station video libraries are still streaming with no problems.

But the problem isn’t just the copper or fibre, what Jeff didn’t seem to realise is that most people at work actually work within the company network. They produce gigabits of data, back and forth, during the dayx, but all that data remains within the network. A small amount will travel to other sites, but a majority of the data stays within the local network.

Then you have email and some websurfing to add to that and a few sales reps on the move VPNing back into the mothership. Due to GDPR, very little is in the cloud.

Our main site has a relatively small connection, which is enough to support the 100+ employees and permanent VPN connections to the other sites. We don’t need synchronous gigabit, normally.

Now, suddenly, employees who are generating all of this traffic locally are now outside the office and are using VPN to get at their data. Some are using Skype to video conference and the rest of the population, who would have been at work during the day are sitting at home watching streaming video.

In the past, you had mainly work traffic during the day and mainly streaming video in the evenings. Now that streaming is 24/7, plus additional VPN and video conferencing traffic that was never there before.

We have actually banned our users from working on files on their local PCs, they can only use them to VPN into the company and use RDP onto the terminal server. That keeps the bandwidth to a minimum, but I know a lot of companies are not in that sort of situation and they have to transfer large amounts of data back and forth.


@JeffJarvis was talking about targeted advertising and said (around 1h59m) something like “without targeting we end up back at pure mass media with irrelevance and treating us all the same there are small companies that started because they could have efficient targeting they could sell you the weird stuff we buy as geeks…” and then went on to mention just buy CPM I honestly thought he was somehow referring all the way back to CP/M before I eventually realized he meant clicks per million. LOL


Weirdly it’s “cost per thousand” and it’s the standard for how we and most other media charge. We’re anywhere from $35 to $75 CPM.

So I guess the M is the Roman numeral thousand?

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Yep, it’s Cost per mille, which is originally Latin but has the advantage of meaning the same thing in French and Italian too (he says with all the assurance of someone who’s just done a quick search). :wink:


Speaking about having the tech ready for these crazy times, I’m curious what y’all think about the idea of Draganfly’s partnership with Vital Intelligence Inc. and the idea that they say they’ll have their equipped drones out for use in the next 90 - 120 days, monitoring people for fever, their BP, heart rate, respiratory rate, cough detection, from up to 60 meters away, with the camera technology being rolled out after that to security cameras and even cell phones.

This video is by Proactive
Draganfly partners with healthcare data company to develop coronavirus detection drones

Digital Trends is reporting that pretty much every area that’s been affected by the pandemic is interested.

Especially with the robot comment, I’m super curious what @Leo thinks of it all.

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Stacy’s Puppy dog :dog: was a welcome guest.
Indeed Leo you are correct. This crisis is bringing out the humanity in all of us.
I worked for various TV stations in the 80’s and back then we frowned upon VHS Quality or worse going to air. It was umatic at the very least and definitely no wide shots or puppy dog or kids in view.

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When I did a hit on Good Morning America last week Becky asked me to move the microphone out of the shot.


I am so not surprised that they’re more concerned with appearance than sound quality… :roll_eyes:


Just playing around with swapping syllables in the inspired show title, I was musing on whether “Nerdate Gradualism” sounded more like something out of architecture or philosophy. :wink:

It’s an old mindset and overdue “Best practice Rule set”.
They still think that the audience expect that “The News” are presented in a certain way.

One reason why Big Media is so disconnected from their audience and especially younger folks totally gave up watching.

And of course the “Host Elite” wanna keep it that way ("looking up to them, etc. bla bla, like the “Dr. Myth” aka “He has a title, so he must know more”. It’s the old “Look good and important” trick that is used for thousands of years.

IMHO it’s a matter of time to break these habits, and a wider audience will get used to a more “flexible” presentation style.
As we went from high price SONY TV Cameras and overpriced “Studio Recorders” to Handy Cam and Phone coverage of the News, there was a big outcry in the “professional News Industries”, today no one cares.

I wonder why TWiT doesn’t use a boom mic on set. Great sound, no mic in the shot. Why not, @Leo?

I’m going to guess for a couple of reasons. Booms on films have operators, which means more staff. If they don’t have operators, they won’t have great sound… people move around and fidget too much, and won’t realize they’re off mic. Having a very focused mic, right in front of your face keeps you focused on staying on mic.

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Which is kinda funny isn’t it? All the Talk about A.I. they can’t even program a simple Robot(arm) that do basic “Boom” microphone operating? :open_mouth:

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I’m sure they could, in theory, do something intelligent, but there’s an entire union behind the film industry… and they probably wouldn’t want to let themselves be replaced by a cheap-ish robot. And I suspect wherefore goes Hollywood goes the rest of the industry… since all the lower scale operations are full of people who want to be Hollywood. shrug in the end content remains king.


You made some interesting Points!

Welcome to the 21st Century where Innovation and Technology is held back by 20th social concepts and religion! :wink:

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