TWIG 555: Soured on Sourdough

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One of the few shows that made me stop my podcatcher, go to YouTube, and check out the fun you had, several times. Excellent entertainment! :slight_smile: Wonder if puppets could play a role in the upcoming anniversaries shows?

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Great show and dam*ed straight both my husband and I will sign on for the corona virus tracking when it becomes available. There are times in life when we must waive some of our privacy concerns to save human life. That’s the bottom line for me.


Great Entertainment! :+1:
I wonder, how can Leo not know what the german word “Mundschutz” means,
but pronounce it better than 90% of all Germans? :thinking:


Look for an InExpensive Fitness tracker?
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 its about EUR 30,-. You can buy a ton of different bands, even metal bands, it gets the job done, accurate with steps etc. upto 5ATM water proof. Its light, small and there a nice and simple to use Apps for Android and iOS…

Once Upon a Time…
There was this man, more a genius, a real forethinker who said:
“It is time to stay away from this TWITTER thing, to keep the rest of my insanity.”
And it was rigth and true and everything was good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Later, some weak people (like me) went back to this pool full of
(CENSOR) (CENSOR) people.
Total wrong decision! Mercy, I made a mistake. :sleepy:

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I actually created an account just so I can comment on the Karsten puppet. This was the highlight of my month. This is two thumbs up from me. I really think this should continue. It is the embodiment of our strange times. This takes my love of this show to a whole new level. And I have watched every. single. show. But I did miss Gina when you mentioned her.
Thanks for brightening my day!