TWIG 623: The Evil Ceramicist

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TWiG definitely my favourite show.
I finish listening to it and feel somewhat more informed. Thank you Jeff for your insights and lessons on history (aka old geezer stories) as they show time and again we have have been through many current issues before.
Thank you Leo for not turning your back on the truth and calling out the lies when they are told. Oh and I enjoy tech stuff as well.


The bit about the German courts telling Facebook they have to inform users when they delete accounts etc.

I don’t get why @JeffJarvis was saying this is inconsistent. This is no different to the USA system.

The government, senate etc. set the law and then it is tested in court and the judges point out the holes in the law and where it needs to be adjusted or how certain things need to be interpreted.

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I don’t think Tencent all of a sudden deciding to limit kids’ abilities to play games (instead of other solutions) should be glossed over. Of course, the CCP operates demanding loyalty rather following a set of laws, but we shouldn’t just put it down to the company deciding on its own to undercut its revenue for altruism. They’re being coerced.

I love Amazon’s response to the story of disposing returned products as waste now compared to when it came out. They got caught and these kind of exposes are vital to keep these companies in line.

Also, where can I sign up to get my Google+ stimulus check?

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You can’t anymore. It was a class action that was open for a limited time, so they could get the total number of members of the class. Now the class is closed that’s how they calculated how much each member is entitled to… take the total settlement amount, remove most of it for the class action lawyers, then divvy up the rest among the class members.

Have to agree with Leo on the Moto G power picked it up from my father a powerful phone at a great price

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