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Still find @JeffJarvis reaction to dark mode hilarious.

I think there is a lot of “right thinking” in this article. Additionally, Facebook doesn’t owe anyone anything, and all those claiming they’ve lost the ability to reach an audience should never have been using Facebook as their platform.

Sorry, Jeff, @ant_pruitt is right, people needed a laptop and they needed it now and it needed to be cheap and access the Internet.

We had just finished a roll-out of new PCs, replacing out 10 year old Windows 7 fleet with Windows 10 in February last year and suddenly, we needed to start replacing those (or rather supplementing them) with laptops. They were hard to get hold of, we managed to get some old Dell laptops that had been gathering dust in a corner of their warehouse for a while in about 2 weeks. After that, we were waiting around 6 weeks, on average, for new Windows laptops. We went outside our normal specifications and buying whatever Dell could lay their hands on.

But, we were stuck with them having to be Windows 10 PCs as all our corporate software runs on Windows. A lot of schools went through the same thing, if the schools are mainly using online services, then a Chromebook for their 1 laptop per child mad-scramble to get home-schooling up and running would be great. Again, in Germany, using the Google cloud is a privacy no-no for schools, even Microsoft 365 isn’t allowed (although 1 school district did ignore those rules and went with Microsoft 365) and the schools had to provide Windows or iPads in order to qualify for government funding.


Maybe Australians will see that their daily experience of Facebook is better without news links. Heck, I’d like to see Facebook remove all links, including internal links (i.e. re-shares or re-posts of other Facebook posts).


This! I love Facebook for seeing what my friends and family are doing, not what posts or articles they think the world should see. I even like Facebook advertising. They have an uncanny knack of knowing what I’m interested in. I’ve been to lots of workshops, green markets, dance classes, and other events because FB knows I’m interested in those types of things.

But for niche groups, I greatly prefer Reddit.


Interesting. No O365 either?

That is slowly changing. The EU classed Office 365 as unacceptable from a data protection point of view (phoning home is the standard and cannot be completely turned off - that is illegal, it must be completely off by default and opt-in, and it needs to be clearly documented exactly what information is passed back and forth). Microsoft allegedly made it GDPR compatible last year, but I’ve not seen the updated report from the Dutch.

As to storing the data in OneDrive, because Trump never appointed a permanent ombudsman and never excluded EU data from CLOUD Act, Patriot Act, FISA and National Security Letters, the Privacy Shield collapsed and makes any US based or influenced cloud service essentially illegal. There is theoretically the so-called standard contractual clauses, but the companies, and therefore the data, are still liable to the above laws, so the SCCs are purely waste paper, they just weren’t included in the original judgement.

We do use Microsoft 365 at work, but no data can be stored in the cloud, all user accounts are anonymized (2 digit site number + serial number), no name, position, telephone number or other private information can be stored in Microsoft 365 AzureAD. The AzureAD can’t be linked to the on-site Active Directory. That makes most of the cloud based services unusable, but we get user CALs for file services, for example, included in the bundle, which is what we need.


How interesting.

Really enjoy the rich information you bring to this community.


Totally agree with you on this remark. He’s pretty dadgum cool


Absolutely cracks me up how Leo “handles” Jeff when he goes off on a Murdock rant!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Facebook back on form, getting Australia to modify the proposed code to exclude them from the code if they (or Google) make a seperate agreed contribution to old media.

This seems to just re-enforce the internet giants power, while providing additional barriers for smaller web properties.