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AKA - The shameless self promotion topic

Hopefully this is ok! I think we’re all pretty geeky and creative here so I’d imagine a lot of us have side projects or produce content of our own. Whether you’ve got a YouTube channel, blog, website, business, book or anything else, feel free to post it here. I’d be interested in checking it out, and I’m sure others would too.

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A house rendering I was asked to do - all drawn in Illustrator.


That looks really good, @MacPhyle. While I’m good with Photoshop and Lightroom, my Illustrator skills are pathetic.


Thanks much :smiley:


May not be a popular topic here - but I am the admin of:

I have worked in the criminal justice field for 28 years, so it is understandable why this topic would interest me.


Recently finished Ryzen 3700X PC build for my main computer.

Currently working on a from-scratch case design, CNCed or 3D printed, for a hackintosh system (learning CAD for this, and bought a beginner CNC router for some of the smaller case parts). Aiming to have a 3950X in there when it releases (recently AMD delayed it to November). Going to be painted with Black 2.0/Black 3.0, with all black fans and components, and run MacOS in dark mode.

This will be the darkest of dark mode computers. (No one tell Jeff Jarvis or it may throw him into a state of eternal apoplexy :stuck_out_tongue:). Posting updates on that in my build log on SFF forums (really cool place for SFF projects and info).

I have a few custom keyboards in the works as well, including an “end game” blue Alps keyboard to match the Megabat hackintosh.


Warning, serious nerdiness ahead:
As a software developer, I am always coming up with ideas for projects, too many to ever seriously tackle. One of my personal interests is in computer languages, so I am forever designing my dream computer language, but I have yet to seriously tackle coding it. In my Amiga days, there was AREXX. It was based on REXX, which was invented by IBM. It wasn’t the best language, by far, but the neat concept is that it was designed to allow people to add scripting abilities to their apps. So you could expose the major functions of your apps, and glue them together in ways that the original author(s) hadn’t dreamt up when building the app(s). So when I am working my own projects, I try to plan for them in the same way, in the hopes of one day finding the right plugin language that I like for that. (I have looked at Lua, Wren and Python for these purposes, but I don’t really like any of them for various reasons.)


I’ve kept all my old records from the 70’s. Twice tried to get back into vinyl unsuccessfully. This time it is working. Bought a Record Doctor V cleaner. It is amazing for a relatively cheap machine. I put a note on the Carole King Tapestry album that it had lots of pops. It is now almost silent. Second ingredient is my beta Schiit SOL turntable with an Ortofon Blue cartridge. This thing rocks. Took two hours to set up and I loved doing it. They have a great how to video.


Is this the video?

I liked REXX. I remember using it to write a mainframe logfile analysis utility back in the 1980s. Sadly that’s all I remember about it now. :wink:


That is the one. Here is another one from Conrad.

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