Any hockey fans here?

Any other hockey fans here?

I am a huge Philly Flyers fan. I watch every single game in TV (unusual, considering I live in Texas). I have also been to five Flyers Carnivals (an annual event they do or charity). I fly up from Texas to attend.

I have met a ton of players during that time at the carnivals. I have many, many signed jerseys, pucks and photos from all my trips to that event. It is so much cooler to get things like that signed in person. And, I even have some player worn jerseys and game used sticks that are also signed. In fact, I have too many things to put out.

Anyone else here crazy about their favorite hockey team?

I watch no other sports except hockey, personally.


I am a big hockey fan as well! The Rangers are my team. I was a season ticket holder for several years until they priced me out of them when they redid the garden. I live in Florida now and try and go see them when they play in Tampa. I’m looking forward to a great season!


Even though I live in Northern Ontario. I am huge Redwings . From the time was a child living outside of Detroit.When I was 10 my Dad took me to a preseason game at the old Olympia and after the game you were allowed to skate on the ice.Dad knew the new coach for the blues who the wings played that night.And he introduced me to him. His name was Scotty Bowman Wonder what happened to him :thinking:lol. I was hooked after that.


Cool, glad to see at least a couple of hockey fans here! :slight_smile:

UK based Hockey fan. I follow our local team Whitley Bay Warriors. (Mr Babcock managed them for a season).

My NHL team is the Avs. So far so good for the start of this season. I have followed them for 23 years now. I hope to one day go to the Pepsi Centre and watch them.

My reason to follow them is a bit crazy. It was the colours! The same colours of my home town football team which is Burnley FC. (Soccer to all my American friends).

I’m hoping for another play off run this season. It was only 2 seasons ago they really tanked. Last season I thought was a bit of a fluke to make the play offs and I did not think they would have a deep run. But they did great.

This season I think they should make a deep run in the play offs. Fingers crossed.


How is everyone’s team doing so far?

Yeah Go Bruins.

Got NHLTV for the first time this season. Once the world series ends I’ll be paying more attention.

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I am watching a Flyers game on NHLTV right now, in fact :slight_smile:

Avs fan here…since they arrived in Colorado! We had season tickets the first two years but the cost was getting a bit hard to bare. Still follow them yearly…good or bad…and go to an occasional game when we can.

We also follow a more local team, the Colorado Eagles. We were in on the ground floor with them and had season tickets for several years. Watched them move up from bottom tier to just below the Avs. The minor games are always a blast to go to.

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Avs are the only other arena I’ve been to besides Boston. It was a blast! I lived in Denver for a year before joining the service and it was a great place to live.

Rockies games were awesome too because they were so cheap and you can sit wherever you want. A refreshing change from overpacked and super expensive Fenway. Although Fenway is more like a Baseball Cathedral.


Live in Northern Ontario, cheer for Montreal myself


I always cheer for them, too…except on the rare occasion they play the Avs. Always liked the team…they gave us Roy which we will ever be thankful for!

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I have been a hockey fan as long as I can remember. I live in Calgary and am a big Calgary Flames fan. I even host a podcast about the Flames.

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Live in Vancouver, so I’m a Canucks fan, and have been since attending my first game in 1975. Went to every home playoff game in the 1982 run to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Haven’t been to a game in a number of years as it’s just been priced out of range.

Nice to see the team off to a better start than they have been in quite awhile. I don’t think they’ve turned the corner on their rebuild and are now going to just cruise into the playoffs, though. I still think there’s going to be a fair amount of pain this year, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as it’s been for the last few years.

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I don’t know if I qualify as a hockey fan. I hardly ever watch any games, except maybe when Canada is playing on the world stage (like Canada vs USA in IIHF hockey.) I was brought up in a household where you were automatically a Leafs fan, even though I don’t know they’ve ever won the cup in my lifetime. It’s like an annual ritual of disappointment :golf: I do however like to watch curling, so please don’t report me as a failed Canadian :wink:


I use to like to watch it for the skating when I got into inline skating back in the day. I even contemplated joining a beginner roller hockey league back then.
Offsides and icing still baffles me.

I do feel sorry for Leafs fans. Year after year…

I’d feel sorry for Ranger fans, too, if they weren’t spending gobs of money for mediocre players or has beens! :joy: In the Rangers case, they’re just trying to buy a Cup team…in the Leafs case, we’ll, they’re just trying!