Question of the Day - What other sites do you read everyday?

What other websites/forums do you visit daily?

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My own website! :laughing:


I’m Here everyday since I joined.
And This Forum : Van Dweller Community

I like forums, can learn more from experienced people than most websites. I was a Mod on an old Tech + 3D Art forum back in the 2000’s

I like to browse and read news on many websites, too keep informed.

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Wait…we’re supposed to be here every day?


Not daily, but frequently:

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Daring Fireball, MacWorld, and lots of news via Flipboard on iOS…

Other than my Reddit and Twitter feeds probably just

I look at my Google news feed as and will frequently read The Verge and Ars Technica is also has some great writing. ZDnet as well.

I read a lot of the total war forums on steam…

I follow the sites of my favorite sports teams, iMore, Six colors, Twitter, my banking site,

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I keep daily tabs on the reportage at

Oh yeah I forgot about Sports. I follow The Boston Globe for Red Sox stuff mostly Alex Speier


News mostly. CBC, Globe & Mail, and the Guardian, local news, etc. I’m a junkie.

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Forgot to mention Recode (part of Vox)…great tech news from a social/cultural angle: