New SSD hard drive


I just installed a new SSD hard drive in my Levono Thinkstation S30.

When I try to install Windows 10
I have SSD 120gb
Two four tb hard drive install.

Before when I got the new SSD the two four hard drive where raid one.

When I put in the SSD drive
I didn’t want to have the raid.
So I deleted the raid
To get 8tb

Here what I’m looking at now

Any help be nice

Hope you all have a great Christmas and New year

You need to give windows the location of the drivers for the hard disk controller in your workstation. A guick Google shows that some of these come with a MegaRAID card in them but you will need physically check what you have and then head over to the Lenovo site and download the driver for your specific card and extract that onto a USB disk. Then just do the same as what you have done in the pictures and browse to the folder you extracted the raid card driver into.

Good luck.

Do you think this will work for me

So I would just downloaded and put it on the USB in a folder or on the USB root folder

I will take a look at the raid card today

How would I know what one for the Levono raid drive too click on

I’m confused a bit by what’s going on here. If you bought and installed a new SSD, do you even need to use the spinning disks DURING Windows install? If you’re just installing Windows fresh to the SSD, just do that and ignore the spinning media for now. Once you have Windows installed and booting off the SSD it should be easier to sort out the access to the old RAID card.

If this is your intention, then you may need to go into the machines BIOS and reorganize the boot order so it boots off SSD. In the BIOS you may also be able to see version info for the RAID device to help you select your drivers.

How do I do that

When I see no drives to install on the SSD drive

It won’t let me install on SSD drive

How can I get window 10 install on the SSD drive when I can’t click on a hard drive to install


Well, SSDs are not normally hard to install and use… so we need more information here to help you. Does the BIOS show the SSD? If not, then it’s probably not properly installed. If the BIOS does show it, then in most cases Windows should use it. It could be possible that you’d need to go to the PC manufacturers website and look to see if they need drivers for your motherboard for some of the disk ports. If that is the case, you would supply them like you were trying to supply the RAID drivers.

I’m just boot into BIOS now

Here is what I see

Any one have any other Lenovo thinstation s30

No hard drive showing up when I try to install Windows 7 or window 10

I’m not that great with computer stuff
I know how to look up on the net and ask for help

I went to Levono website downloaded page.

I think until you discover whether you’ve for a dedicated raid card and what type it is then it’s going to be hit or miss.

The problem here seems to be that you’ve plugged the SSD into the RAID card. That in itself shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can get a hold of the right drivers for it. You might have some driver disks which came with the workstation which you could find a driver on.

I’d say the easiest fix for this would be to plug it into one of the SATA sockets on the motherboard beside where your DVD drive is connected and hopefully the windows setup will be able to detect it there.

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@Topgun007007 this looks like it contains the drivers RAID drivers

If you run that it extracts itself to a folder which you can put on USB . Browse to that folder during windows setup.

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Did I do something wrong
To get my post delete in 24 hour’s

I’m trying to fix my computer

I believe only the original author does that… Deletes their own post…

Thanks for letting me know

Do you know about how long it takes to try to install the raid drive
I’m been trying for two hours and no

Levono thinstation s30

Can I click on all files at the same time
For Levono thinstation s30 raid

Do I need to one at a time

Please let me know
Been trying for about two and a half hours

Sorry but I’m not sure what it is your are trying to do right now, can you send a screen shot?

Do I click all at once
One by one try to install

Any help you can provide be great

Other drivers that can try
To get window 10 install on SSD drive

It’s a new ssd

Can I try to install Windows using a USB hard drive hub and then put the SSD in the Levono thinstation s30