Need some help with my Server computer

Just reformatted my two 4TB hard drive and my dad hard drive.
When I try to reinstall Windows 10 .
The hard drives not showing up.

I have Levono thinstation s30.

Go into disk management and see if you can see them in there…

We need more info.
What did you mean “dad hard drive”?
Is Windows 10 installed now?
If Windows 10 is installed is it not seeing the 4TB drives or are they not showing in BIOS?

When ever I try to setup Windows 10
I see no hard drive
Whenever I try to use the USB with the Levono thinstation s30 raid drive

It won’t open the USB drive

I need some help with install Windows

Have you tried making their recovery USB?

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow afternoon after work I getting ready for bed :sleeping:

Not sure everything one needs to know to troubleshoot online is available.

Seen similar response (blank drive selection screen during Windows Setup) when disks are not formatted in a Windows compatible format. Are disks formatted NTFS?

If photos are literally what you saw step by step, photo 8 and above are trying to load a driver from an install disk. Appears you clicked on “Load Driver” in photo 7.


mean you have completely wiped the system on this computer?

On the “where do you want to install Windows” screen, you need to click on the “install drivers” icon (bottom left). You then need to show it the location of the Lenovo hard drive controller driver. You can hopefully put this on a USB stick.

Once the installer has read the driver information, the drives should appear.

This all seems very familiar :thinking:

Didn’t we help you fix this last time?

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Didn’t you do this a few months ago?

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But I don’t know what happened to the window 10 install
Two weeks ago it’s crash on me


I will try to get a USB 32gb

Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service (DDRS): Download the files needed to create a Lenovo USB Recovery key

And let you guys know

When I get home from work

Sorry I stuck my 2 cents in where I had no idea what is going on. Read the original string back in November. Guess it got fixed back then

Trying to refresh Windows install on a RAID

, but now back in same situation?

Still learned something. Not familiar with running a system on RAID.

Also, learning Discourse not doing spellcheck correction for me.