Hybrid/fusion drives

I always wondered to you cound make the SSD and spinning drive parts look like 2 drives to the OS. See my plan is take on laptop replace the old spinning drive if an hybrid. Make the SDD part only for the OS an apps and spinning holding thing’s like the MakeMKV rips. It can be like this forexpull 150GB on the SDD for the os an apps plus 850GB on spinning part for the MakeMKV rips.

The short answer is no. It’s one physical drive. You can partition the drive, but there would be I way to allocate specific files to the SSD part of the drive.

Are hybrid disks still a thing? You can get quality SSDs for under 10 cents a gig now, is there still a financial incentive for going with a hybrid disk?

That was my question, I haven’t seen these for years!

I would agree that theres likely to be no way to access the drives individually.

I think the real question is, does SATA even allow you to have two drives be seen as two drives? If it doesn’t, than multiple partitions is the only way to do this.

Also, who is still making these drives?

That wouldn’t achieve his goal of only accessing one part of the physical drive.

I just found the answer i can’t reamber the name right now but their is app that will do that. It turns out that F Disk on Windows and Disk Utility on the Mac has no way knowing what it what.

I actually remember there being a hybrid drive that was partitioned out of the box to do this. It also depends on if the driver maker had the SSD bit be a cache or not. So if the drive is 4TB with 128 GB in SSD, is the non-SSD bit 4TB and the SSD is just another layer of cache, or is it 4TB minus 128GB so the total size is 4TB.