Trying to refresh Windows install on a RAID


I have a computer system with Windows 10 install
I have two four tb hard drive in it
It’s have rad setup
I’m did not do the rad setup
I bought it from a computer shop

What I want to do is reinstall Windows 10 but keep the rad as is

Windows 10 install on ssd hard drive

Windows setup should just recognise the RAID array as one large drive so you shouldn’t need to do anything to keep the RAID.


When I set up a custom install
Wiped out clean installed Windows 10

I will not need to do anything else to Raid

Do I need to press any button on the key board before I get to the setup for windows 10

You should not need to. Just make sure when you select the drive for installation in Windows set up it is the capacity that you expect and not listed as two separate drives.

The two four tb hard drive are setup as

multiple hard drives into one large volume


Will that be found in the setup

SSD hard drive

First time working with raid setup
Just wanted to be safe

Yes, in Windows setup, when you select the drive that you want to install Windows on.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow morning when I wake up
Try to setup windows 10
Thanks for all your help and support


I’m trying to upgrade my windows 10 but when I get to the windows 10 ( where do you want to install Windows?). There is no ssd hard drive or my two four tb hard drive

The two four tb hard drive are in raid setup.
But windows 10 is installed on the ssd hard drive

Not sure what to do
Don’t want to hit the Wong key
Cmd inter the Wong thing
I put some photos to let you know what happens

You would need driver disks (really USB probably) for the drives for Windows to recognize them.

I don’t think you really need to do a reinstall this way anyway… Why not use the features already built into Windows?

I’d be surprised if drivers are needed for the standalone SSD. Odd that nothing appears on the drive selection.

Depends if it’s an older NVMe drive… I’ve had issues there.

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The Kingston drive is a SATA drive. Something peculiar about the Thinkstation. I guess they are workstations and may have some specialist hardware.


Or it may act weird if RAID is enabled?


I will be keeping you guys updated on windows 10 I will try again tomorrow
In the meantime
I just got done with WD software test
One of the 4tb hard drive is dead
November 29 I will call them to see if they can send me a other one
Thanks for all your help and support

I sure hope you had a backup of whatever was on both drives, because if your RAID was in JBOD mode you have no redundancy and probably no filesystem any more.

I would say that the SSD is plugged into a RAID port rather than a standard SATA port. The RAID controller seems to need a driver for it to be recognised by windows setup.

Move the SSD into a standard SATA port and windows should recognise it then download the raid drivers once you have installed Windows to access the RAID array.

The BIOS screen shows RAID 1 so hopefully it should rebuild itself when you replace the drive.

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