16TB External HDD

Hi. During one or more recent episodes of The Tech Guy, Leo mentioned an external 16 TB hard drive that he recently purchased. Did anybody catch the make / model of this drive?

I’ve been looking at possibly buying the WD - Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive but I’d like to find out what Leo bought before I pull the trigger.


Just buy whatever [16TB] 3.5" drive you want and put it in a USB or Thunderbolt case? Something like this (I have used the brand before, but not this specific model):


I think it’s Seagate Ironwolf that is helium filled.


It was an internal drive for a NAS. I believe Pommster is correct w/the make/model ^^

I’ve never had any issues with any Western Digital external drives and would recommend them, but surely there are others out there who prefer other brands, as with everything.

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Basically only two HD manufacturers left now anyway - Western Digital and Seagate.

I forgot Toshiba. I think they still manufacture spinning hard drives.

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