Computer Boot Issues

Worked fine in safe mode. Gonna try rebooting.

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Whoo hoo! :slight_smile: Good guy won!

Feeling excited since I nearly bricked my Thinkpad the other day by having a failed BIOS update. Luckily, the edition I have still has a reset button that can cycle back. It really felt like I had sunk a couple of hundred bucks in repairs - but then it worked again. :slight_smile:

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the suspense is killing me LOL!

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Regular boot didn’t work.

reinstall the video driver from safe mode and try again


Could be a heat issue as well (to much dust build up)

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For all intensive purposes it could also just be the computer. I’ve had issues with it before. Don’t remember what the problem was but I ended up having to reinstall Windows. So the device could be faulty.

Almost definitely a heat issue it’s been off for at least 3 minutes and is still hot.

yeah Video cards and or onboard video does go out sometimes. could be Windows. Its really wonky lately. Maybe test it with Linux and see what happens. things do ware out

What’s the exact (more or less) product name of the laptop?

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If you mange to reload windows, maybe try disabling sleep in power management . or from safe mode now

HP Pavilion 15-cw1018ca

Did Microsoft change what sleep mode does in win10 is it more like hibernate in older versions of Windows?

I always disable both

wow, pretty new laptop. yeah maybe a bad egg

And yeas they change everything all the time, tucking important setting menus away from sight in a maze of Bull pucky

I did a bit of googling to and found reports of the same issue from 2015 complaining about the Windows 1p upgrade causing it. Guess it’s an issue with HP devices that has been occurring since Windows 10 came out and was never patched.

Hmm. Did a quick search and it seems that at least one or two years back, AMD had a bad reputation for the drivers they provided for integrated Vega 8 GPUs and brands like HP customized to fit their systems… That does not solve the problem, but it suggests that the problem really is the driver. Did you try downloading the most current Vega 8 driver and install during safe mode?

Correction: rather use the drivers provided by HP. Not that the original driver from AMD fails to install…

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Sounds right to me. that’s a shame nice laptop for the price . its windows

@carbonga I’m pretty sure I updated the drivers at some point.