Recent Issues With My Laptop

Recently, I’ve been having trouble problems with my laptop like Windows Update failing (to error code 0x80070006) and drivers seaming to just disappear and causing parts to just stop working. In the past, I’ve also had performance issues (causing it to overheat and other problems) I’ve sent it to HP for repair they replaced a few parts and it helped but am still having the Windows update issue A couple of days ago windows update caused the computer to bluescreen which caused more driver problems. For more info on this situation goto this forum thread: Computer Boot Issues

Call HP and say “I didn’t buy this [piece of junk] laptop because I needed to spend time making it work. You’ve had multiple opportunities to solve the problem and it’s not getting better. It’s clearly a lemon, I want a replacement or my money back.”


Believe my I’ve tried that was how I got them to make a concession and take it in for repair.

This is what task manager looks like when nothing is open (the increase of activity is just the snipping tool opening):

Has the disk been formatted and OS reinstalled? If it were me I’d try that first.

If the problem persists following a wipe, before any extraneous software is installed, then it’s hardware and you can beef out on HP for a replacement.

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I did it a couple of times even before I sent it in for repair.whrn I got it back it wasn’t only clean installed it seemed to have been completely been factory reset (BIOS and all).

It just crashed again.

Could be so many things. But…

Have you run a memory test to look for errors?

That seems like a lot on memory being used with nothing open. Do you have a screen grab of the Process tab from the task manager list from most to least memory usage.

I notice you also have a Virtualbox VM network adapter. I presume that virtualization settings in the BIOS are turned on.

RAM seems to have randomly reset and now it at about 50% still kinda high but definitely better than 80.

Hi Sam, sounds like a tricky one, but I think I have a solution for you.
So, with your laptop it appears theres some issues going on here with some Memory hogs.
Theres a fantastic little tool that should help you get rid of all these Memory hog programs, and I think it will solve your issues.
I would recommend you watch this video on You Tube, as he explains a very similar problem to yours.

The download link is here for the Debloater Tool.

Have a read, but please be aware to Backup all of your data beforehand.

I have run this on a few of my customers Laptops, and it has worked a treat. Boot time is faster and no more Memory Hog Applications!

Hope this helps. Let me know how you go.

On the clean install that it had right after I received it back from HP it was running bad for a clean install. Gonna call HP tomorrow.

Now Windows Update won’t run again and also I tried to update the AMD software and it failed than deleted itself and I tried to reinstall it but the reinstallation failed too.

On the phone with HP now the rep is saying that they only replace on the third repair order. It get worse though, my warranty is expiring in 4 days and they require the extended warranty.

Update: as I was writing this I was transferred to a level 2 rep now and might be advancing towards a replacement.

Update 2: all in the clear the repairs get a 90 day warranty

I sent it to HP last week. The HP repair centre call me a few minutes ago and said that they couldn’t observe any issues. Interestingly the night before I sent it in it just started acting normally assuming it was just a fluke i sent it in any way. I guess my problem is solved (hopefully).

So I’m now having more issues with the laptop. Today the audio stopped working
I’ve tried restarting the computer, checking for updates (there is no weren’t any) and uninstalling the driver, nothing worked. Neither HP Support Assistant or Windows update detect that the drivers are missing. I tried calling HP and they said that the device is out of warranty so I’d need to subscribe to a yearly support package to get anything from them. Any ideas?

The only reason I can think of that it would not see that the drivers are missing after uninstalling them is if the audio hardware completely failed, hince no physically connected hardware to prompt a driver installation. Though these issues are always hard to diagnose remotely.

I ended up reinstalling Windows and it works fine now.

Good, I’m glad you resolved it and it wasn’t a hardware failure.