Computer Boot Issues

Today I tried to start using my laptop and the screen wouldn’t turn on. I remoted in that worked but still didn’t turn on the screen. Than I tried rebooting it still didn’t work. it looks like it is a problem with Windows since when I reboot the computer the HP logo still appears the screen only actually goes blank when Windows is fully booted. I say that because the Windows Hello camera activates.

Maybe try a "Hard Reset " by holding the power button down for 35 seconds

It resets the Motherboard and yes clears ram

It’s not doing anything?

try to boot it then after failure hold down the power until it turns off

Tried that a number of times. Think it’s a software issue as I said the computer is booting properly but the screen appears blank the backlight is on.

could be a video driver gone wonky. try to boot in safe mode

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My wifes old laptop had an issue like this. She found that once she presses the power button to close the lid and wait for Windows to boot up, then when she opened the lid the screen worked.
Nothing we tried with drivers or Bios settings could get it to work any other way.

Makes sense but it worked fine yesterday.

It’s not giving me the option to. How do I manually trigger that menu?

you would have had to enable F8 in windows before it did this. since Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to disable “F8” in windows 10

If you have an extra hard drive you could pop it in your laptop and load a fresh copy of Windows on it. then get an external USB enclosure for the drive you took out (to get your data back)

or pop it in a Pc tower if you have one

Try plugging in your TV into the HDMI. Maybe having an external device connected jolts your driver / settings back to life.

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Ends up that the remote access software I’m using has a restart in safe mode button.

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IF it boots in safe mode your hardware is probably ok.

It’s restarting now.

This is more exciting to watch unfold than many of the earlier episodes of “Better Call Saul”.


I always keep a live usb of linux for testing hardware. works great for ruling out hardware issues.

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