Audible - love it or no?

I love Audible and audio books!!! I have 307 books in my Audible library - I’m fond of military Sci-Fi (Jack Campbell, Richard Fox, Jay Allan, Scott Bartlett, Joshua Dalzelle and many others) and technology fiction/cyberpunk (Daniel Suarez, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and others). Any other Audible fans on here?


Duh. I’ve been a member since 2000 with over 500 titles. Still grandfathered in with the “Light Listener” account of two books a month. Now with the Audible Originals my collection is building much faster than I can read them.

I’m also a massive Neal Stephenson fan, and just downloaded all six volumes of the Baroque Cycle with the intention, this time, of making it all the way through. It’s quite enjoyable.

I’m also listening to Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Jerusalem in preparation for our visit - it’s a bit dry but edifying.

I have about two dozen titles downloaded for our trip - perhaps a little ambitious.

I posted my entire Audible list on my blog:

With a 2016 update here:

Looks like I have some catching up to do. I’ll post 2017-19 when I get back!


Definitely. Started after hearing Leo talking about it with Steve Gibson. Started with Honor Harrington series.
Big fan of Robert Tanenbaum Butch Karp series.
Currently listening to Peter F. Hamilton Night without Stars.
Also, joined Audible Australia recently so I could get Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. Plan on alternating with US versions read by Jim Dale.
For those who don’t know, if you decide you need to back off paying for one or two books a month, when you ask to close your account, they offer a “maintenance” membership for $10.00/year. You get to keep a few credits (think it was 4), and you don’t have to buy anything for the time you maintain that membership. Done it twice, as I couldn’t listen to 24 books a year.


I’ve been a member since I started listening to TWiT. It was the first sponsor I ever used.

I got the free book offer from TWiT (Ringworld) and went on from there. I have just under 300 books in the meantime, about 85% in German.


I joined in 2012 and have about 350 titles in my library. I would go nuts without them.

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I signed up years ago with the TWiT referral code, my wife and I share the account and we each pick a book every month.

I am looking forward to the next Expeditionary Force novel next month, sci-fi with an arrogant AI in the shape of a beer can.
Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight series is also some excellent epic high fantasy. Each book is 45 hours long or more and the ending of book 3 tosses everything on its head. :astonished: can’t wait for book 4 which he is still writing.


Love it! I don’t have time to read but I have plenty of time to listen to audiobooks while I drive (and TWiT too :slightly_smiling_face:)


Leo, I think if you you live on you would! :wink:

Big fan.

Interestingly enough given the discussion on one TWIT episodes about whether Alexa was driving people to buy more (the consensus seemed no) - I only took in interest in audible and in audio books once I got my Alexa (1st generation. The ability to use it to play audiobooks easily before I went to bed, etc. caused me to sign up and I now listen every night for a half hour to an hour.

So in that case it did get me to start buying a new product/service. :slight_smile:

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I’ve never tried audible, but I feel like it would not be for me because I find when I read I am immersed in the book and if I were just listening, I don’t know what I would do with my eyes. I feel like I would end up being bored and/or fall asleep or else I would start doing something else and not really pay close enough attention to get a lot of value from the book.

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I’ve been using Audible since 2011 and really enjoy it for long drives. Really the only thing that sucks about working from home mostly these days, is not being able to listen to more books.

I really enjoyed the entire Expanse series (James S.A. Corey) of books, and even looked up new books just based on the narrator, Jefferson Mays. He is so good on this series. The other series he narrates is The Circuit by Rhett C. Bruno. It was a pretty entertaining read as well, especially for fans of The Expanse.

Also, I really enjoy Daniel Suarez’ books and gobble them up as soon as they are released.

Right now I just finished The Testaments (Atwood) and started Doctor Sleep (King). The continuation of The Shining, which I definitely wanted to read before the film comes out.

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I don’t even recall how long I’ve been with audible. But, yes. I’m a truck driver, so it’s podcasts, audible, or music, at all times. I have somewhere around be 200 books, ranging from space SciFi (an aside. Look up Craig Alanson - expeditionary force, if you don’t have that one. ) To romance to mystery/thrillers to documentary style books. I’m all over the map with audible


500 titles!!! Looks like I need to step up, my 307 looks paltry in comparison!!! :joy:

Neal Stephenson is amazing, and Daniel Suarez as well - very fond of both.

Have a great trip!

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I hear ya! I fill many periods of downtime with audio books!!!

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Very interesting, I usually AirPlay my Audible content through my HomePod on my nightstand - otherwise I use my iPhone 11Pro Max and Airpods

Good points- you may be surprised though - I often listen while I’m puttering around in my back yard, watering plants, pruning or doing other yard work

Love Daniel Suarez - I just bought Delta-v

I’ll check Craig Alanson - thanks for the tip

I hear ya. I have previously listened to a book or two on tape. But, while driving would be the time this would interest me. I do not care to just sit at home and listen.

I’ve tried Audible multiple times through the years, and every time I give up. I’ve got an audible account since 09-30-10 (had to go look it up).
It’s got exactly one book in it, that was a freebie for signing up (which was the wrong book from what I signed up for).
Every time I’ve gone back, it’s too expensive for me to consider. Most of the books I’ve looked for are $60 or more, and considering I don’t use Amazon for anything else, I’ve been unable to convince myself that it’s worth a subscription that’s more expensive than any other hobby I have.