The Darkest Minds

This might be a random question but has anyone else noticeded that The Darkest Minds has been taken off the UK version of Audible?
The fourth book in the series has never been on the UK site but now the first three seem to have disappeared, but they’re all on the US version. Can this just be a rights issue, do you think? If so then does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can gain access to the US version and buy books from the US catelog?
I’m guessing I’ll need to create an account while having NordVPN running and connected to the US?

I don’t know how Amazon separates their account. I have used my same credentials on .ca, .com and .fr. If you just go directly to .com and try to log in, does it work? That may not mean they’ll let you buy audio books, but then again it may.

Well it let me log in to the US site, and said I wasn’t a member so gave me the option to start a trial, but what are the chances that, if I use my real debit card, it’ll see that I’m in the UK and not let me do it?