Audio sci-fi books recommendations

what think of the star trek books can get
these throw nls talking book for blind and
handycaped and book share and learing ally all same as nls talking book there audio what think of these i know steve gipsion love sifi books


Sure seems worth trying one to see if you enjoy it.

If you are thinking of just getting into sci-fi, suggest Isaac Asimov robot series as a good start. Expect NLS would have his books.

I don’t know if your local library uses Libby or not, but you should be able to borrow audio books from your library through Libby. I listened to all of Larry Niven’s Ringworld series for example.

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Any other I have bookshare and learning ally also same as NLS but there own compsny

Any one else care to chime in?

There does not seem to be a lot of star trek book on audio, I would check wt your library…

There are 317 Star Trek titles available for download at, but of course one has to pay for those.

I find Steve’s favorite Peter F. Hamilton books to be worth purchasing because $12.99 can keep you busy for quite a while. Great North Road, for example, is 36.5 hours long.

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Looks like I am wrong, I was looking at

Probably old info for you, but just in case, a lot, if not most, public libraries offer on line services, including getting a library card, and “borrowing” audio books from special digital library services, such as Overdrive, Hoopla, and Libby. All these offer science fiction titles.

In some US states, residency in the state gets you the right to join libraries outside your town or city.

When you sign up for a library, their website will provide info on digital media access.

Is Dr who good show to watch I know its on Pluto TV the classic new one on BBC america?

It is not your big screen, high energy, shot em up sci fi, well worth giving a try. Most of the time each episode is a stand alone story, but there is an on going thread through the entire series.
All time favourite episode is David Tennent, series 3, episode 10, Blink. Trying to follow the time line exercises the mind.

Don’t want scary one I would be up all night but this one don’t scar me at all now I read there lost episode of dr who what can you tell me sorry about this new tour who can go to library to check out dvd as well as stream then

If the Weeping Angels don’t scare you, nothing in any Dr Who will.

Expeditionary Force is a really shootable sci-fi series with some adultish humor.

The Expanse is much better than the SyFy series and delves deeper into the politics

We Are Legion is another look at AI

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I pick audio books more by the reader than the author. It can be a great book but if the reader is bad, I just can;t listen to it. My favorite reader is Scott Brick.

Many months ago Steve discussed a series of books which opened portals between worlds and collapsed certain dimensions so objects could be transported through the portals. Does anyone know which series/author this might be?

I have probably messed up the description, but I hope it makes sense.

Thank you!

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I’m not a huge sci-fi fan. But I LOVED listening to The Martian.
Leo interviewed the author: