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Although @thurrott said it was ugly, I highly recommend Directory Opus. I used to use it on the Amiga and it was no beauty queen even then, but what it is is a highly customizable replacement for Windows [File] Explorer that gets the job done with efficiency and speed. For a certain sub-set of the geek population the file renamer with regex will be worth the price of admission alone. It is also very useful for photo management. The side by side two pane mode is excellent for when you’re working on files in one folder and sorting them into other folders.

It’s not free, but you get a 30 day free trial, and you can extend it again one time if you still need more time to commit.


With regard to Microsoft changing things without warning, my phone has been ringing and Teams buzzing for a week now, since Microsoft introduced Business Edge. Most people are scared to use it, many ask if it is malware, or “why does edge suddenly have a suitcase in the icon?”

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That OOBE region tip is choice :pinched_fingers:

I don’t think assigning interns/“kids” to important, highly visible Windows components is a new thing at Microsoft. Watch Dave Plummer’s YouTube channel and listen to the stuff he worked on fresh out of college, or Steven Sinofsky’s memoirs about those early times. I guess the difference is that developers these days not only need to be educated on whatever technologies they’re working on, but also the specifics about historical UX trends that have been baked in to Microsoft applications for 20+ years.

Can’t say I’ve experienced the Explorer grabbing window focus. I imagine I’ve unknowingly mitigated it somehow, as I do a fresh install for every new build. WinRot is real.

edit: Also, that enthusiast market for 4k@120fps has a name - It’s called PC gamers :rofl: