WW 645: Windows Dos Equis

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I’ll reiterate that I do love Mikah’s newbie status to Windows and all the tips/tricks/questions that arise during these episodes. I forgot about the timeline. I love the wndws+typing whatever shortcut and 3 fingers down for desktop. The trackpad on the SL3 is excellent and has great responsiveness for these gestures.

If anyone is interested I wrote a first impression review (it’s own thread) for the 15" Surface Laptop 3. MJF’s first impressions for the 13" are great, very practical. I’ll be updated the thread after the weekend once I beat it up a bit more. But to echo the sentiments in this week’s episode, MS did a good job with this machine.


Watching the episode now and before I forget I wanted to say, I agree with @mikahsargent and @thurrott that @MaryJo’s product reviews are great. When I’m considering a product for family or friends I don’t care about in depth performance reviews, I need practical normal user impressions and that’s what I get from @MaryJo.


This is the best part about @Leo being gone. I feel like Mr. Laporte and Mr. Thurrott can slip into grumpy old man mode pretty quickly.
It is really interesting to approach the Windows world from someone who hasn’t been in it for awhile.

Great job @mikahsargent


Listening to the some of the tips offered to @mikahsargent reminded me of how much more efficient I use Windows (switching between programs, minimizing all open windows to reveal the desktop, locking the computer, and doing the Three-Finger Dance). Like @thurrott, some have become second nature, so to speak.

And welcome to Windows, @mikahsargent. May your updates be swift and your Windows annoyances be few…

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@mikahsargent check out this tweet I saw today about a useful keyboard shortcut

Also, regarding the patching > restart > seek patches > restart process, this is exactly why admins responsible for security updates in an enterprise need a “patch Tuesday” cocktail. To ensure compliance, one has to go through multiple restart cycles in one maintenance window. Obviously if your machine is kept up to date this shouldn’t be the case, but if you’ve got newly deployed machines from an old base image it becomes problematic.

Great show btw. I do like Mikah as a host, but also miss @Leo. Maybe a co-host opportunity for when he’s back from vacation?

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