WW 805: Week E is a Lie

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I’m getting freezing on a 12th-gen laptop (i7-1260P) with Windows 11. Using Edge.

Not quite the same as Paul’s though. Don’t have any issue with browsing. But I have a repeatable fault with task view. If Edge is open, and I display all my desktops it freezes. ctrl-alt-del works, I can pick task manager but can’t get out of the task view display.

Sometimes if I hit enough keys it returns to the desktop. Another way out of it is to logout.

I’ll try switching to Firefox for a while. If that doesn’t work might use his tip to reinstall Windows minus the OEM’s software.

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I loved that first part. I would enjoy a podcast where Leo and Paul just kibitz about stuff and things that interest them. Just good conversation with good people.


agreed…Its just like the old days at WW

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Opposite for me - miss having Mary Joe on :frowning:

Oh I miss Mary Jo too. I loved her as a part of the show. I was just talking about that first part or so would make a nice separate podcast in its own right. Two guys sitting around talking about stuff.