WW 786: Windows Ventura

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Great set of guests this week, fascinating discussion and fun too.

I still don’t get why, in the Qualcomm 8CX, the “X” stands for eXtreme, there is nothing extreme about its performance, apart from maybe extremely embarrassing…


Agreed, great panel!

Hopefully Qualcomm’s acquisition will bear some fruit. Although in terms of Windows its a very chicken/egg problem. I’m hopeful that Valve’s next hardware adventure utilizes ARM architecture, that might spur some meaningful non-Apple ARM development.

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I liked the format, hosting and guests for this week’s show. Mary Jo and Mikah, along with a few guests, is the way to go for the future, especially since Paul’s got his own new show and Leo’s hosting plenty of other shows.

You should devote a segment of each show to using some new software on camera, or maybe showing a new way to use Windows 11 that people didn’t know about previously. The shows are long enough that shouldn’t short change anything else that needs to be said.

Yes, they were great

Absolutely enjoyed the panel. Paul should go on cruises more often! (kidding)

It was a really nice dynamic. While I completely get Paul’s perspective and how he approaches things, it was really nice hearing things that weren’t condemning Windows 11 or Microsoft repeatedly. It honestly gave me a MacBreak Weekly vibe, where people were generally positive but not shy about raising critical points. Made for a nice change of pace.

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I agree that this was very much a fantastic panel, but I also love Leo and Paul’s take on things as well. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to having a 4th chair added to the table and giving the show another perspective more often. I wouldn’t even be opposed to that 4th chair being Mikah an actual Windows user. But I feel like Windows Weekly would never be the same if Paul and Leo were to exit for good.

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