WW 642: Internet on a Disc

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There actually is a downloadable version of Wikipedia, you can use it offline (Kiwix one has TED talks and other content as well). Not quite “the internet”, but nice start.

Those CDs do make me nostalgic for the Encarta CDs that came with my first computer (a Gateway).

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Hearing Silverlight brings back memories of me upgrading to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition which I won from Microsoft for using Silverlight.

I do like the fact that @mikahsargent will be hosting WW when @Leo is on vacay.

Having someone who is not familiar with the world of Windows brings a breath of fresh air. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on things and he (Mikah) can bring that to the WW.

I would love to see him be a co-host with Leo, Paul and Mary Jo often.


Another great WW, PT & MJ always have great insights into the strange and funny world of Microsoft. :grin::grin:
Btw, anywhere you are not very familiar with is always gonna be strange to you Paul…:laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I agree with Paul that going back to Windows Phone is never a good idea. I was deep into WP for 2+ years. It was interesting, but totally frustrating.
The apps situation was the tipping factor. So annoying when there are so many things you cannot access or do, and you thought you found the app, then it was buggy as hell and not trustworthy.
Microsoft CEO was at the launch of the Note 10, I’m sure they have some good ideas, and they are working hard on making MS software work well on the Android platform.

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i will never get the two names neo and duo.
I have a similiar problem with “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family”.
if I was on a game show and i could win $64 million dollars I couldn’t tell you which show Florence Henderson was on.
The two names neo and duo are too simliliar.

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I really like getting the freshness of things that Mikah brings.
It is fun to try and hear Paul and MJ explain things to him


Show was good, but Leo’s closing comments about the live event coverage is crap. Ant & Mika were like 2 giggling schoolkids in the back row of class. They never actually shut up to watch or listen! Commentary & reaction is fine, that’s what we expect. But continuous drivel and giggle is not. It became unwatchable! Windows/Microsoft seems to be an afterthought on this network. BTW I’ve been watching/listening to WW since ep1, but it seems to be less & less respected by the network. Leo seems to actually disappear for about 10min each episode whilst he has lunch. He wouldn’t do that to an Apple show! And having non MS people filling in in disrespectful in the extreme. The show is to discuss the news for the viewers, not teach the basics to the host.

We all have different tastes. I found Ant & Mikah’s approach on the Microsoft event just fine, it seemed quite thoughtful to me. I just wished I could have turned down the volume of the MS presenters because I detest the evangelical approach of big launches and would rather hear the commenters’ opinions - that’s why I am listening to the show rather than looking for a live feed of the launch. It’s also why I prefer the audio feed for an event like that, so I’m not getting distracted by the glossy visuals. I’m tuning in to hear the impressions and opinions of a couple of enthusiastic techno-journalists with a healthily skeptical viewpoint, not follow where MS leads.

I’ve also really enjoyed having a non-MS person hosting WW for a while - having some of the assumptions and anomalies of the Windows ecosystem brought out into the light when explanations are needed has prompted discussions that I found interesting.

But - as the saying goes, YMMV!

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I agree with parts of the above two posts. I think Mikah and Ant did a good job, but probably could time some of their commentary a bit better. They should be talking over some of what’s going on, as that’s the point of watching it on TWiT versus the raw feed, but they did miss some things that were said. Not a huge problem or anything, and they will likely get better at it with more experience.

I actually like having non-enthusiasts (or non-partisans, if you prefer) balancing out commentary, be it for Apple, Google, Microsoft, or anyone else. I strongly disagree with people who think people need to be “all in” or “cheerleaders” for a company or platform in order to cover it; if the hosts are all uncritical, commentary suffers, as it does if everyone is biased against the company/platform.

It might have been better with Leo, Mary Jo, or Paul there as a third person, as they are more familiar with the art of Microsoftology, but they weren’t available, and they did the post-mortem on Windows Weekly, anyway.

With keynotes and live specials, I’m watching in part to be entertained, and they did a good job of that, while offering solid off-the-cuff perspectives on the presentation.


Every time I hear Microsoft tell people “don’t call it a phone” when talking about the surface duo, I instantly think of Helio, a 2006 era company that used that phrase as their tag line and had some of the most bizarre (and apparently memorable) ad campaigns ever.

See https://youtu.be/dwQkU7jLXRY and
https://youtu.be/o5ed2F4bFsw for example ads.

Super ahead of the time (snap a picture and post to MySpace mobile! Unlimited data in 2006) but didn’t exactly thrive in the market.


The ‘major / minor’ update structure does seem to make sense. That being said I’m not sure many people will notice. Even as an enthusiast I find it difficult to find exactly what is included in each version.

Edit: Paul trying to start Windows Phone Arena with those tips and picks.

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i’m still still stuck on 1803 on my Dell xps 8700. Apparently my machine is not ready for 1903 but it does not tell me why.

Good show! I’m really baffled at the question on why the Windows phone didn’t do well! I had a beautiful Win7 phone and every time someone would talk about a new app or game, I went to the horrid windows store and I NEVER had it! MS should have paid devs to make popular apps that everyone was raving about. After my two years were up, I went to an iPhone and haven’t gone anywhere else since. I have an Android tablet and am usually pretty OS agnostic but I wanted certain apps and Windows phone never had them…or had them so late everyone had moved on…finally, including me!

I was the same way. I had a Windows phone, they actually killed it as I was hanging on to mine. I ket waiting for Windows 10 mobile to come out. Hoping I would eventually get the functionality that iPhone and Mac users got. Text messages on the desktop and such. It never happened and as we know they killed it off. I like you moved over to IOS. I have a Windows 10 Laptop so I lack any of the functionality that I desired then but I do think as long as this laptop holds up another couple years I will probably move onto a Macbook.

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I own both a Mac and PC. The PC is mostly for gaming as the interoperability of Mac and phone…and iPad … is so easy and wonderful and useful! I’m spoiled by knowing that all my text messages will be on all my Apple devices, all my messages, photos, docs, etc.

I started on PCs. Switching to the Mac was a learning curve but I’m glad to be able to navigate both, now. I really don’t think one is better than the other…they each have their pluses and minuses. I’m just happy to be able to have and use both!

Sorry if this is a little vague, but it was months ago that I had this problem and I cannot find the details.

I had a similar issue on one machine where the Windows setup failed without giving an reason. I am sure I ended up looking at the setupact.log and setupact.err files. Eventually I spotted a line containing “Application Block” that pointed me to an installed application that was causing the problem. It was a service installed by another application, uninstalling the application left the service in place. Sorry, I really cannot remember what it was called. In the end I had to disable, then delete the service and then the folder the files were stored in.

This link lists the location of the log files created during a Windows upgrade.