WW 788: A Mai Tai of Headwinds

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Touchscreens on laptops - I use mine loads. Not just in tablet mode either. When I’m reading websites or social I use the pen to scroll, change tabs etc. Just comes naturally when you also use touch on phones and tablets.

I agree with Paul though, Windows needs a ‘turn off touch’ Fn key, similar to the ‘turn off trackpad’ one. Disabling the touch screen in device manager is one option I guess if it really bugs you.

This sounds like a possible PowerToy for the MS PowerToys. Someone (who has the hardware) should suggest that as a desired feature. (I don’t own or use laptops anymore, so it wouldn’t be me.)

Some PowerShell suggestions…

How to disable touch screen of laptops using PowerShell script? - Stack Overflow

My Win 11 laptop has been driving me crazy tonight. Switching between virtual desktops with the trackpad gesture is so slow, sometimes it switches to a desktop, then randomly moves to another one :rage:

Then I remembered I’d turned on automatic accent colours in display settings earlier. Turned it off - problem goes away. Go figure :upside_down_face:

I somewhat agree with @Paul that touch screen’s are all they are cut out to be. When I was going to college I didn’t have a touch screen laptop, it quit midways through classes. When upgrading I had two requirements. Touch screen and a built in numpad. (I was studying business management and taking an accounting class) I liked the touch screen for going back and correcting errors especially in spreadsheets as it allowed me to directly to a cell with out moving around.

I’ve now been out of school for going on a decade now, still have that computer, it’s very lol. But I don’t really use the touch screen anymore when I use that device. My primary computer is a Macbook Pro (2019 Intel w/Butterfly Keyboard) and I use a 12.9 iPad Pro I use as second screen. Both are running the beta’s as neither device is mission critical anymore.

RE: VMware vs. Parallels VM I feel that Parallels works better to the everyday computer user. I purchased a copy of Parallels for my Intel based Macbook Pro, and currently run a copy of Windows 10 and a Copy of Windows 11. When I was working remotely for a call center, we could use a Mac but were required to use VMware to access their server and resources. It would clonk out all the time. They ended actually telling me to just run the VMware instance in the browser instead of the actually app because it was more reliable. Parallels has always worked without fail for me. I do not own any M1 or M2 Mac’s so I can’t attest to running Windows on Arm on those devices.

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I have VMware Fusion on all my Intel Macs, but only because they offer a free personal use license for home users. Does Parallels do the same?

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No but the app crashing on me when critical really soured me personally on that software.

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In February I purchased a new laptop a Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro 14" from Costo. It is a very nice laptop it has Windows hello face unlock and a touch screen (which I never use) but it meets my requirements which were it had to have a user replaceable / upgradeable SSD (which immediately ruled out all Apple products which I was replacing) USB A and C ports and a full-size HDMI and SD card reader (as I primarily use it to edit photos). It retailed for $849 purchased it on sale for $649. I was prepared to wait several months for a BTO Thinkpad with similar features at more than double the price. My new laptop did kind of teach me to not pan the midrange and low end because there are a few good if not great machines out there amongst the crap.

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