WW 658: Ring the Red Bell

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The day that anyone from Microsoft takes on the position of chief designer at Apple will be the same day that Windows fully adopts the Linux kernel, John Hodgman turns fashion designer, and Tesla adds a Diesel. Not saying it could not be fun and worthwhile, merely thinking culture.

That said, Panos must be very impressive in person. From a distance, he does not appear particularly… convincing.

Agree with your first paragraph, not your second. I love his passion for the product and his kids.

In my experience, shopping other jobs gets you fired not a raise or promotion. I think that only works in professional sports.

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In listening to @thurrott and @MaryJo talk about the Tile functionality for Surface Hub, I starting thinking about the slate of mult-screen devices coming out (Neo/Duo, etc). I wonder if Microsoft is considering bring that functionality in to mainstream Windows 10, specifically for use with their tablet devices (Surface Pro, Surface X, etc).

I had this vision of being able to connect two (or more) Surface tablets to daisy-chain a larger screen. My first thought was two of these with a hinge-type connector, but there could be other configurations. That might make a Surface Mini device potentially viable - if you could get two of them connected (into a Surface Duo lookalike-type device).

It’s a niche idea, to be sure, and not particularly necessary in day-to-day tasks and uses. But lets say you had a home/studio with your Surface Tablets mounted on something resembling a multi-monitor stand. If you could configure those with the Hub Tile functionality (so they behave like one device), then that seems like it could approximate a distributing computing setup which could be pretty cool. Again - specific use cases would be niche, but there’s something about that which seems exciting to me.