WW 646: Sort of Live From Ignite

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@mikahsargent - I am continually impressed with your hosting abilities, and the skill you demonstrate in transitioning between MacBreak Weekly and Windows Weekly is one of the joys I have now with TWIT. Your observations have always been insightful and the hiring of you (and @ant_pruitt as well) is one of the best hosting decisions TWIT has made (and that’s a high bar to clear in my book as there are an incredible number of skilled hosts there).

I meant to say this a week or so ago when you hosted WW and MBW back to back and didn’t appear to lose any of your stride in doing so, but late is better than never.

Make sure @Leo has you on the end-of -year show on Windows Weekly where Chris Capossela is a guest. I think you’ll really add something to that particular episode.

Again - thanks and excellent as always


Thanks so very much for these kind words! I’m going to miss hanging out with Mary Jo and Paul when Leo comes back.


he’s definitely crushin’ it. Thanks for the kind words, Vernon


@ant_pruitt - you both are crushin’ it. I’m not a photography guy, so I don’t have the interest in HOT., but I really like your commentary and observations in the other areas of tech.

So both of you keep on doing what you’re doing. This guy likes it.


HOP & HOT & FOP :slight_smile: Say that three times fast.


i try not to. lol! :slight_smile:

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@vernonlvincent @mikahsargent I agree 100% Well said. In fact, I enjoyed this episode so much I began to think Mikah would be better than Leo. Mikah is eager to learn about all things Microsoft and seems to be diving in head-first. He’s making Paul and MJ explain things more which is wonderful. Frankly, I think Leo is bored with all things Microsoft and his heart is not in the show. Maybe he should leave this to Mikah and start a Linux show where his heart is.