WW 775: Shuffleboard at 3

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Paul is truly the voice of the user.


I disagree. About half the time he really does represent user well, the other half he’s an old man yelling at a cloud. The weather in the start menu got him worked up in this episode? Really? You would’ve been that offended to have something in the start menu that most users look at a bunch of times per day on their phone or watch? Why would this have been so awful?

His point is that a PC is not a smart phone or watch. Microsoft has tried unifying interfaces before. It did not work.

I, for one, love the refreshing grouchyness of Mr Paul Thurott. Hope he never changes. He is speaking from a Windows-loving heart. This is high quality drama material.


Paul gets worked up so we don’t have to. You’re right, the weather isn’t a huge deal but it sets a precedent for how Microsoft will to develop their products, and it’s really not a good precedent.


I have to disagree about the customization of the Mac interface. You can move the dock, change the menu bar (Bartender) etc. etc.

Well, for about 10 seconds of his rant. It was the whole redesign of the Start Menu and the Task Bar, which has removed a lot of functionality that we have become used to over the last 20-25 years and replacing it with useless eyecandy.

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I couldn’t listen until today due to various things. I thought it was a fun and informative episode as always. I like seeing Paul’s frustration with Windows because as someone said,“he is the voice of a typical user” even though he is very knowledgeable. I liked the drink section as well. I always mix my juice with sparkling water from my Soda Stream. :slight_smile: I need to try rum now!

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In Germany, it is very common to mix fruit juice with water, they actually sell it in most stores. The biggest one is Apple juice. Juice mixed with water is a Schorle, so Apple is Apfelschorle.

My wife made fresh rhubarb syrup a couple of weeks back, that is really delicious when mixed with fresh, cold water.

SquareEnix has explained their recent sales, and it’s…uh…remarkable: