WW 735: So I Kept Drinking

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MJ got me hyped up for a possible Surface Neo announcement during the Windows 11 event, now she’s got me thinking about it for the upcoming Surface event :grin:

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Man, it was great that you caught and focused on Microsoft considering security a USD 10 bn business. It makes so much sense that Steve Gibson has to report so many instances of Microsoft products being “Vulnerable by Design”. Because it’s not a great business model otherwise. Great show, once again! :slight_smile:

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The discrepancies in the Microsoft 365 and Teams numbers is easy. Every M365 user gets access to Teams, but not every company uses Teams and, within a company, not everyone uses Teams. We use M365 mainly for Office. About 70% of our M365 users currently have Teams, but a year ago, that was 0%.

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There’s a lot of hubub about the Gaming PC Ban, which isn’t a ban. There’s a ton of outrage and uninformed opinions out there. Here’s GN doing what they do and giving the actual facts. Well wort the watch, as it breaks down what’s covered, and what isn’t.

Talk about weird tasting beers…How about Macaroni and cheese ICE CREAM, anybody brave enough to try that?